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How to keep healthy in the dog days in 2018

As we all know, the hottest season of the year is also the best time to cure winter diseases in summer,. So how to keep healthy in the dog days? Learn six tips together.

How to keep healthy in the dog days

Sleep at night and rise early

Summer is characterized by a long day time and a short night time. The human body should also adapt to the laws of nature. At night, it can sleep a little later and get up earlier in the morning. The reasonable sleep time in summer should be: 22:00-23:00 for bedtime and 5:30-6:30 for getting up. If you can't go to bed early at night, a proper lunch break is a good adjustment.

The time of summer nap is generally 30 minutes to 1 hour, too short to achieve the purpose of the nap, and too long will not only make people dizzy, limb weakness, but also affect the quality of sleep at night.

Peace keeping meditation

Summer belongs to fire, corresponding to the heart, so in the hot summer, we should pay attention to the cultivation of the mind.

It is pointed out in the book "the four vital factors regulating the spirit" that 'to make the mind calm, to make Huaying beautiful, and to let off the anger. If you love outside, this summer's Qi should be used, and the way to grow up is also needed'. That is to say, in summer, we should be energetic, happy, broad-minded and energetic. Just like the blooming flowers need sunshine, we should have a strong interest in the outside world, cultivate an optimistic and outgoing character, so as to facilitate the release of Qi.

Invigorating the spleen and dampness

As the saying goes, spring sleeps, autumn sleeps and summer sleeps. Especially in summer, when it's dog days, people always feel drowsy and lack of appetite. This is what people usually call "long summer". Long summer belongs to the earth in the five elements, corresponding to the spleen of the five organs of traditional Chinese medicine, and the spleen is the most evil, wet and dry, so long summer often suffers from spleen and stomach disease, resulting in anorexia, diarrhea and other symptoms.

To get rid of dampness, an important health care measure of TCM is to strengthen the spleen first.

During the long summer, the dampness is heavy, and the spleen is mainly wet. The biggest characteristic of spleen dampness is that it makes the human body feel sleepy. Therefore, the biggest impact on the human body during the long summer is the poor digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

Invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness. You can drink some porridge in the morning and evening, such as mountain medicine porridge, job's tears porridge, lotus seed porridge, etc. Moreover, because of the summer heat, you can add a little lotus leaf to the porridge (such as job's tears porridge) which has the effect of invigorating the spleen and eliminating dampness, so as to increase the effect of clearing away heat and heat, nourishing the stomach, clearing the intestines and promoting the production of fluid to quench thirst.

Nourishing yang to exorcise evil spirits

Although the temperature is high in summer, we still need to take care of the body's Yang. It is often said that "Yang is raised in spring and summer". Yang Qi is the motive force of human beings. It fluctuates with the alternation of seasons, sun and moon. In summer, Yang Qi is vigorous and often floats outside. It is vulnerable to external evils. If you sweat, you will lose Yang. In other words, in the hot summer, it is generally not suitable to do a lot of sports. After sports, you should supplement water and nutrients in time.

Independent of air conditioning

Air conditioning disease is the most common and easily neglected disease in modern society. For most people, especially joint patients, summer should avoid the cool, do not or moderate use of air conditioning and fans. In the workplace, you should tell your colleagues about your illness to get their understanding. Try not to use air conditioning or properly raise the temperature. It's best to always have a long sleeved garment, which can be added or subtracted at any time according to the external environment.

Six tips for keeping healthy in the dog days

Body dampness

In the hot and humid dog days, human body is easy to be attacked by dampness. To deal with heat dampness, you can press Zusanli point, which is helpful to transport water dampness. Soak feet with 40 ℃ warm water before going to bed, which can remove dampness and improve sleep quality. Can also deliberately sweat, so that moisture with sweat out. It is also helpful to eat more spleen nourishing and dampness reducing foods. Red beans, mung beans, lotus leaves are used for porridge, Huoxiang, Peilan, Atractylodes for tea, ginger slices for boiling water are all effective in eliminating dampness. Although capsicum can appetizer and aid digestion, its effect of eliminating dampness is not so good. It is worth mentioning that mung bean soup must not be used as water, mung bean cold, weak people can not drink too much.

Don't be too greedy.

Staying in the air-conditioned room for a long time, the body's regulating ability is easy to be out of balance, resulting in a variety of discomfort. Therefore, it is better to turn on less air conditioning, children, pregnant women and the elderly with arthritis, rheumatism and respiratory diseases should pay more attention. Even if it is turned on, the temperature should be 26 ℃ to ensure that the difference between indoor and outdoor temperature is more than 7 ℃; let the air conditioner blow upward to avoid direct body blowing, and protect the neck, back, abdomen, waist, leg and other parts. Don't take a shower after sweating to avoid being attacked by wind, cold and dampness. In summer, eating raw and cold fruits is easy to cause gastroenteritis. When eating cold drinks, it's better to wait until the temperature of the food is close to the body temperature and then swallow it slowly, so as not to stimulate the stomach and intestines, and the best time to eat is between noon and 3pm, when the Yang is the most vigorous. After suffering from cold, you can drink ginger tea to sweat and disperse cold.

Go to bed late and get up early

Sleeping late is not to encourage people to stay up late in summer, but to ask people to adapt to the characteristics of day and night changes in summer, and sleep time should not exceed 11 o'clock. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "spring is born and summer is long". In summer, the body's Yang Qi is in a strong state. If you often sleep late, it violates the seasonal change law of the body's Yang Qi. Instead of getting rest, you feel more tired. So it's better to get up at six or seven in the summer. Siesta is good for balance of Qi and blood, can supplement physical strength and improve work efficiency in the afternoon. A healthy siesta is suitable for 30-60 minutes, and more than one hour is counterproductive, which may interfere with sleep at night. Moderate exercise

It is often said that "practicing three volts in summer" is not to let everyone practice regardless of time, place and situation. In summer, the energy consumption of human body is large. Exercise methods such as running, playing ball, climbing and so on must be done according to one's ability. It's better to carry out some 'low-key' exercises, which can not only have exercise effect, but also avoid discomfort. Three kinds of sports are better: 1. Swimming: the heat dissipation capacity of water is 15 times higher than that of air, and the human body can keep the body temperature constant when swimming, which is not easy to get heatstroke; 2. Fishing: Fishing requires the cooperation of brain, hand and eye, with the help of stillness, mind and movement, which can relieve the dryness and heat of the heart and spleen; 3. Taijiquan: playing Taijiquan can not only increase vital capacity, but also promote the flow of Qi and blood between the five zang organs and six Fu organs, which is helpful to invigorate the spirit. Summer sports are best arranged in a cool morning or evening, during which a small amount of water should be replenished many times; when the outdoor temperature is over 32 ℃ and the air humidity is over 60%, it is best to choose a cool indoor sports.

Diet appetizers

In the dog days, many people will be troubled by the "bitter summer", bland and uninteresting, loss of appetite. Therefore, 'appetizer' is the focus of summer health. Experts suggest that summer can eat more bitter food, bitter melon, bitter vegetables, buckwheat can be antipyretic heat, spleen and appetizer. However, bitter gourd cold, poor physique, spleen and stomach deficiency cold people should not eat more. It's very hot and sweaty. It's easy to burn air and hurt Yin. Therefore, the food for nourishing qi and Yin is also indispensable. Yam, jujube, honey, lotus root and agaric are all good choices. In addition, chicken, duck, lean pork and other plain or cool meat products also have the effects of nourishing yin and stomach, strengthening spleen and tonifying deficiency.

Sit quietly and get rid of trouble

Medical research shows that when the temperature is more than 35 ℃, sunshine is more than 12 hours and humidity is more than 80% in summer, the emotional regulation center of human body will be significantly affected, and people are easily upset, and the anxiety index of the old in summer will be higher than that of the young. The way to relieve the fidgety mood is to sit still. If you do some small movements, you can not only quickly achieve peace of mind and Qi, but also activate blood and collaterals. It's a good way to sit up and close your eyes. The methods are as follows: the arms are naturally drooping, placed on the legs, eyes and mouth are slightly closed, and the breath is evenly adjusted; when there is a lot of body fluid in the mouth, it can be swallowed for three times continuously; then, the upper and lower teeth are knocked for 10-15 times, which can have the effect of nourishing the heart and mind, strengthening the teeth and strengthening the spleen.