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What does the world cup penalty shoot out mean

How did the world cup penalty shoot out come about and what did it mean? I believe there are still many friends who don't know? Therefore, the following editor-in-chief brings you the cause and introduction of the world cup penalty shootout, let's have a look!

Since July 14, 2014, football fans have been waiting for another world cup feast for four years. In another week's time, the fans' waiting will come true, and the curtain of 2018 Russia world cup will soon be opened.

The most exciting and exciting moment in the world cup is penalty shoot out. Penalty shootout refers to a kind of game rule in the knockout stage, in which both sides decide to win or lose by penalty kick each other in the case of no match in the regular time and overtime.

Before we know about penalty kicks, let's first understand the origin of penalty kicks. As early as 1891, there was a football match in England, the birthplace of modern football. At that time, Nottingham led Stoke City 1-0 in the match. At the last moment of the game, stoke players broke into the penalty area and tripped. The referee awarded a free kick according to the rules at that time.

The Nottingham players put up a wall in front of the goal. It was really a bus in front of the goal. Stoke didn't get a free kick in the end and they were sorry to lose. Stoke wrote to the FA after the game, demanding changes to the rules. In September of the same year, the FA revised the rules according to the timing of the match, and penalty kicks were officially released in the football match.

For many years after the penalty kick, he was not introduced to the decisive moment of the world cup. The rule that penalty shootings determine the outcome was officially included in the 1970 FIFA World Cup. At that time, it was German Wald who put forward the concept of penalty kick. He can be regarded as the father of penalty kick in the world cup. Before the introduction of penalty shootout, if there is a draw in the world cup, it can only be replayed on another day.

After penalty kick was applied in the world cup, it was quickly promoted to all competitions. In the knockout stage of each big cup, penalty shootout has also become the key to determine the outcome of the game. In the history of the world cup, the most famous penalty war is the match between Italy and Brazil in the 1994 World Cup final of the United States. At that time, Baggio's lonely figure after penalty became one of the most classic pictures in the history of the world cup.

Penalty is the most direct and brutal way to decide the outcome of a match. In 2006, Wald, the person who introduced penalty, said he regretted bringing the rule into the world cup and world football. He said that penalty kicks make some games more ugly, and many teams will only invest more in the way that they hope to beat their opponents in penalty kicks. Wald also believes that one day penalty shootout will disappear from the world cup and world football, and there will be a fairer way to decide the outcome of the game.

It is worth mentioning that many fans who play games have heard the word PK. In fact, the word comes from the penalty kick in football match. If you think about it carefully, there are many similarities between game PK and penalty kick. No wonder the word will extend to the field of game.