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What are the precautions of breastfeeding for two months' infant

Sihaiwang: breastfeeding is a world recognized way of feeding that is both healthy and nutritious. But breastfeeding also has many problems. There are news reports that breast milk nearly shocked the two month old baby girl. So what should breastfeeding pay attention to? What are the dietary taboos?

Breastfeeding considerations

1. Breast care: if the pregnant mother decides to breastfeed, she should start breast care before pregnancy. When bathing, she should pay attention to massage, wear loose brassiere, and avoid breast blockage caused by compression. If there are problems such as nipple invagination, she can consult a doctor and try to correct them as early as possible.

In addition, the mother's nipple should always be kept clean to prevent the occurrence of nipple and breast diseases. If the posture and method of feeding are appropriate in the future, the problem is not serious. Every time after feeding the baby, if the baby does not suck the breast empty, we should use a sucking device to suck out the excess milk, which is not a waste. Only by emptying the breast can we promote more milk secretion, but also reduce the pain of the new mother's milk inflation, which also has a health care effect on the breast health.

2. Open the milk as soon as possible: Generally speaking, after 30 minutes of postpartum, although the new mother has not opened the milk at this time, there may not be enough milk in the breast, but also try to suck the breast for the baby, and cultivate the habit of sucking the breast as soon as possible. Otherwise, the baby may reject the mother's breast in the future.

3. Do not discard colostrum: within five days after birth, the milk secreted by the mother is called colostrum. Some mothers think colostrum is' dirty ', or they think colostrum has no nutritional value. It's a pity that colostrum is squeezed out and discarded. In fact, colostrum is the essence of nutrition. It contains the highest human immune factors and growth factors, which can enhance the immunity of the baby and promote the development of the baby. Therefore, the postpartum five days should be fed with hunger, as much as possible to supplement the baby.

4. Attention to insufficient breast milk: when the amount of mother's breast milk is insufficient, there will always be breast inflation before breast-feeding, baby swallowing sound is less, baby's sleep is short and restless after breast-feeding, often crying, weight does not increase or increase slowly, at this time, mother needs to find out the reason to correct.

5. Baby sleeping while sucking: do not let baby sleep with nipple, which is not only unsanitary, but also easy to cause asphyxia, vomiting, and at the same time, it will affect the development of baby's tooth bed and cause deformity.

6. Keep in a good mood: mom should nurse with ease. If the mother has a mental burden or is very nervous, it will affect the secretion of milk.

Diet taboo:

1. Leek, cool food, has the effect of milk.

2. Ginseng, puerpera had better not eat. It not only has the effect of weaning, but also easily causes uterine contraction and bleeding.

3. Malt drink, stir fried malt has the effect of milk withdrawal.

4. Alcohol, moderate drinking will help milk secretion, but excessive drinking will reduce the reflection of spray milk.

5. Milk, people with a family history of allergies should avoid.

6. Stimulating food, coffee, tea, chocolate, cola and other drinks will indirectly stimulate the baby, causing the baby to cry in the middle of the night.