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What's the harm of being single for a long time? What psychological problems will arise

Although being single is called "single aristocrat", being single for a long time is harmful to some extent. Let's take a look at 01

More easily suffer from depression. People who have been celibate for a long time tend to be more isolated and unwilling to communicate with others. When their psychology presents problems, they can only carry them on their own. Their depression is hard to get rid of, so they are more likely to suffer from depression.


Easy to have heart disease and other diseases. The Finland study found that the incidence rate of heart disease among single men and women is 55%-65% higher than that of married men and women, and the incidence rate of heart disease is higher.


Social skills decline. Long term celibacy in front of the opposite sex is very easy to feel restless, the ability of wording will be affected by a certain level, and social ability will also have a certain level of decline.


It's even sharper. As the saying goes, the government is a fan. People who have been single for a long time are more likely to see the mistakes and fallacies of the opposite sex clearly than those who have partners. Sometimes even small mistakes and fallacies will be magnified infinitely, so that they will become more severe and sharp.