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When will oppo find X be sold? Do you need to rush to purchase oppo find x

When will oppo find X be sold? Do you need to rush to purchase oppo find x Recently, oppo officially released its new flagship find X in Beijing. Oppo find X has Standard Version, super flash charging version and Lamborghini version. The price is 4999-9999 yuan. When will oppo find X be available? Let's have a look.

Oppo find x uses 3D glass on both sides, and there are no openings. It provides two color gradients: passionate Bordeaux red and quiet iceberg blue. It adopts 3D laminated streamer stippling technology, and the visual effect is integrated.

A curved panoramic screen and a hyperbolic flexible screen are used on the front, and the surrounding frame is as narrow as possible. With the cop packaging technology, the bottom frame is only 3.4mm, realizing the narrowest bottom frame of Android phones at present. At the same time, the screen share of 6.42 inch screen reached an unprecedented 93.8%.

The 3D camera is the biggest highlight of the machine. The 3D structured light components, front camera, earpiece and rear dual camera are all hidden in the dual track periscope structure. When it needs to take photos or unlock, the camera will pop out in seconds, only 0.6 seconds, which is equivalent to the blink of an eye, and it will automatically return to its original position after the operation is completed.

Compared with the iPhone x, the higher screen share of oppo find x brings a more shocking visual effect, and the 'bangless' design also makes its front more integrated and harmonious.

In addition, thanks to the design of the hidden camera, the back of find x is very clean, without the abrupt sense of the iPhone x vertical double shot.

It is reported that the standard version of oppo find X was officially launched on July 13, and reservation has been opened!