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How to deal with the six dangerous signals? What to pay attention to

Nowadays, young people can't move but eat breakfast, thinking that they can get more sleep. Work up, three meals a day irregular, a day down to eat only two meals. It's easy to lose nutrients in the body, which leads to various problems. If your body has the following 6 kinds of danger signals, you should pay attention to them. Let's go with Xiaobian

1. Hair becomes dry. Research shows that the lack of protein, essential fatty acids, vitamin C, zinc, iron and other trace elements in diet will lead to hair drying, yellowing, shedding and so on. Many young women go on a diet for beauty, which often leads to insufficient intake of protein and energy. As a result, they lose weight and lose a head of hair.

Nutrition Guide: enough nutrition can nourish hair follicle and make hair bright and beautiful. In the diet, we should ensure sufficient staple food, protein and essential fatty acids. Eat at least 3 liang of fish and lean meat, 1 egg and half a jin of milk every day. If possible, eat more oysters and increase the intake of zinc. 2. There are ulcer, gingivitis and other oral problems. To get food into the digestive tract, the first thing is the mouth. Therefore, the most direct manifestation of unhealthy diet is oral problems. Recurrent gingival inflammation or bleeding is related to insufficient vitamin C intake; caries and tooth loss are related to excessive intake of high sugar food (such as sweet food and drink) and insufficient intake of cellulose; the most direct cause of oral ulcer is hot food and hot food, including beef and mutton, litchi, orange, pineapple, etc; Glossitis, cleft tongue and edema of tongue may be attributed to B vitamin deficiency caused by long-term consumption of fine rice noodles.

Nutrition Guide: pay attention to oral health and improve the diet. First, the nutrition should be balanced, pay attention to the coarse and fine collocation, meat and vegetable collocation; second, eat less sweet food, fried food and hot food; third, supplement vitamin C and cellulose, such as the combination of hot fry and cold mix when cooking vegetables, so as to avoid the loss of vitamin C; fourth, supplement vitamin D and calcium. 3. Often feel tired. Many people regard fatigue as a normal physiological reaction, but fatigue is often related to diet. Women with iron deficiency are prone to fatigue. Other studies have shown that whole grains and foods with high-quality protein can stabilize blood sugar level and make people full of energy. In 2012, a study found that intravenous vitamin C gave subjects more energy in the afternoon because it accelerated iron absorption.

Nutrition Guide: first of all, people who are prone to fatigue should supplement energy and eat more whole wheat staple food and food rich in high-quality protein. Secondly, we need to supplement iron and vitamin C. We can eat beef, green beans and spinach while we can choose oranges, strawberries and tomatoes to supplement vitamin C.

4. A sudden increase or loss of weight. Weight loss may be related to lack of time to eat or weight loss leading to insufficient nutrition intake. The normal rhythm of human body is generally 4-6 hours to eat a meal, not eating on time not only makes people thin, but also leads to the physiological process of gastric emptying disorder, affects endocrine, leading to gastritis and other diseases. There are three reasons for the sudden weight gain: when autumn and winter alternate with winter and spring, they are greedy for food because of the cold weather; many women are hungry at the early stage and like to eat snacks, which leads to obesity; during holidays such as Spring Festival, there are many parties and banquets, which can't stop talking, and they are prone to sudden obesity.

Nutrition Guide: no matter how busy you are, you should eat on time. You can make a one-day meal plan and arrange work and meal time reasonably. You can bring some healthy snacks, such as fish fillet, milk, nuts, fruits, etc. To order takeout, you need to choose the one with more vegetables and cooking method of cooking and less oil. The Spring Festival is coming, we should pay attention to control the amount of nuts, because 15 grams of nuts is equal to 10 grams of oil. In addition, when having dinner at parties, please keep your mouth shut according to the usual intake pipe, and try to stick out only one chopstick for each dish. Less fried vegetables and meat, more vegetables and fish. 5. Beset by digestive problems. Diarrhea, constipation and dyspepsia are mostly related to the insufficient intake of dietary fiber (especially soluble fiber). The results show that soluble fiber can delay gastric emptying, increase satiety and make the absorption process of small intestine more complete. According to a U.S. survey, many Americans don't eat as much dietary fiber as the American Dietetic Association recommends 25 grams per day for women and 38 grams per day for men. According to the results of the "China health knowledge dissemination incentive plan - fruit and vegetable nutrition and dietary balance", the dietary fiber intake of Chinese residents is not up to the standard.

Nutrition guidelines: in addition to a reasonable diet, people who often have poor defecation should increase their dietary fiber intake. You can choose to eat more whole wheat bread, brown rice, oatmeal and other staple foods, citrus, apple, pineapple, banana and other fruits, cabbage, celery, peas and other vegetables.

6. The brain doesn't feel good enough. The brain is a "glutton", which consumes 20% of the human body's energy intake. If there is always a decline in thinking ability, unable to remember things, and the brain is not enough, it may also be an early warning signal of malnutrition.

Nutrition Guide: balance is the key to supplement nutrition to the brain. Have the right amount of carbohydrates to meet the energy needs of the brain. Moreover, attention is related to the myelin sheath of nerve fibers that connects neurons in the brain. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed. Therefore, you can eat more deep-sea fish, fish oil, walnuts and other foods. In addition, memory is related to the excitability of neurons, so acetylcholine should be supplemented. Eggs, animal liver, beans and other foods rich in choline can promote the synthesis of acetylcholine and help improve memory.