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What are the mobile phones supporting wireless charging in 2018

What are the mobile phones supporting wireless charging in 2018

Sihai network: with the rapid development of smart phones, technology is becoming more and more mature. Wireless charging has become the standard configuration of many flagship phones. Although wireless charging is a bit weak now, it is believed that in the near future, it will bring more convenience to people. Do you know which smart phones currently support wireless charging? Let's have a look.


As the benchmark of the smartphone industry, Apple has always been the wind vane of the industry. Although wireless charging mobile phones have not been launched for a long time, with a strong appeal, since the release of iPhone 8 / 8plus and iPhone x with wireless charging function last year, the global mobile phone market has changed dramatically. With the development of wireless charging, it has become the standard of many high-end flagship mobile phone brands.


At present, Samsung, which occupies the first place in the global market of smart phones, is one of the large-scale mobile terminal enterprises that initially vigorously promoted the development of wireless charging market. Since 2012, Samsung has started to make wireless charging layout for mobile phones (users can enjoy wireless charging function by replacing the rear case with wireless accessories). Later, note5, S6 series, Note7, S7 Series, S8, note8 and other mobile phones have their own wireless charging function in the factory, until the recently released Samsung S9 / S9 +, which is still the same.

According to statistics, there are more than ten Samsung phones that support wireless charging. If listed in chronological order, it should be: Samsung S6, S6 edge, S6 edge +, S7, S7 edge, note5, note6, Note7, S8, S8 +, note8, S9 and S9 +. Not surprisingly, Samsung's next flagship should continue to support this feature.

Since Apple began to launch mobile phones with wireless charging function only last year, there are only three mobile phones that support wireless charging. Although it is not sure whether Apple will build this function in the subsequent products, it is still very respectful for apple to reverse the situation.


After Nokia, let's talk about LG. In fact, LG is one of the early mobile phone manufacturers that took the lead in implementing wireless charging. Even before Samsung, in 2013, they released the first mobile phone that supports wireless charging -- LG G2.


Nokia is also a true pioneer and promoter of wireless charging. As early as 2012, Nokia released mobile phones that support wireless charging. In the same year, Nokia cooperated with Fatboy, a well-known luxury home in Europe, to launch wireless charging pillows, which promoted wireless charging as a household necessity. Later, in cooperation with Warner Bros., we launched the limited edition Fatboy wireless charging pillow "Superman: the body of steel", which expanded the range of influence of wireless charging.

But today, we mainly talk about the wireless charging of Nokia mobile phones. In terms of wireless charging function, it can be said that Nokia has always been unparalleled. From the earliest lumia 820 to the Nokia 8 sirocco released on mwc2018 this year, we can see that. According to statistics, Nokia's mobile phones with wireless charging function have so far: lumia 820, lumia 830, lumia 920, lumia 925, lumia 928, lumia 929, lumia 930, lumia 1020, lumia 1520, 8 sirocco.

Unfortunately, LG didn't persist in this field until later LG V30 started to add wireless charging again. In addition, in this year's MWC 2018, LG brought their latest flagship new product, LG v30s thinq, which also supports wireless charging, but has not yet been put on sale. So far, in addition to v30s thinq, LG has four mobile phones including G2, G3, G6 +, and LG V30 that support wireless charging.


Compared with Samsung, Nokia and LG, Google is a little late on the road of wireless charging, but judging from the mobile phones released by Google in recent years, they seem to be preparing for a long term. Since the launch of nexus 4 in 2016, this series of products of Google have been equipped with wireless charging technology. So far, it has reached nexus 7. At present, Google has four nexus 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 mobile phones supporting wireless charging.


HTC, the elder brother of the Android camp. HTC in the glorious era is not only a brand favored by Google, but also the developer of the first Android system mobile phone and the first dual camera mobile phone in the world. Some people say that in the era when smart phones started, HTC was once regarded as the two heroes of the mobile phone industry, Apple was the representative of IOS system, and HTC was the representative of Android system. But compared with apple, HTC's development in recent years is not very satisfactory. However, just a few days ago, a group of conceptual design drawings of HTC new machine was exposed on the Internet. This conceptual machine code is HTC ozy, which has reached the current top level in hardware configuration and process design. According to the exposure, in terms of hardware configuration, HTC ozy will be equipped with high throughput 845 processor and 8GB ram. At the same time, this model supports wireless charging function and has off-screen fingerprint identification technology.

According to statistics, in addition to the HTC ozy, which has not been released yet, the wireless charging features of HTC previously included HTC Droid DNA (US Version) and HTC 8x (US Version).


This year, Sony finally added the wireless charging function of Qi standard to its flagship mobile phone. At the conference in February, Sony launched the latest flagship two products of Xperia series mobile phones: Xperia xz2 / xz2 compact, in which Xperia xz2 supports wireless charging. Specific time to market, Sony announced at the conference that two new models will be launched in April.

In fact, Sony had a wireless charging phone Xperia z4v before, but for some reason, the product was finally cancelled.


Moto applied wireless charging to mobile phones in 2015, when it built a wireless charging module into the new moto droid TurbO2 model. 2015 is also the first year for the large-scale application of wireless charging in the field of consumer electronics. Google nexus, Nokia and other brands also carry the function of wireless charging in high-end computers, which indicates that the maturity of wireless charging technology and module cost were recognized by the first-line international brands at that time.


At present, we can't see millet mobile phone with wireless charging function, but soon, we can see it in a few days. A few days ago, the official Xiaomi mobile phone has been preheating the mix 2S. On the preheating poster released on March 9, we can see that the mix 2S will support fast charging and wireless charging. Lei Jun, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, also forwarded confirmation on the microblog of relevant content. Xiaomi mix 2S supports wireless charging and said that the wireless charging function is very convenient. In addition to the mix 2S, Xiaomi 7 has also been concerned by the outside world. According to the information exposed at present, Xiaomi 7 may also support QC 4's fast charging standard and 7.5W's wireless fast charging function.

Jin Li

Jinli, China's leading smartphone brand. In November last year, Jinli released eight full screen mobile phones, including its flagship high-end business product, Jinli M7 plus. In terms of endurance, the Jinli m7plus is equipped with 5000mAh capacity battery and supports 10W wireless charging. Jinli is the first full screen mobile phone equipped with wireless charging function in China.