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How to clean and maintain child safety seats Nowadays, the parents' safety awareness of babies is gradually improving. Children aged 0-12 are the most in need of protection. Among them, the importance of children's safety seat is self-evident. So how to choose a suitable safety seat? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to clean and maintain the child safety seat?

Knowledge of choosing child safety seat

When choosing children's seats, you can consider the choice of children's seats according to their age and weight: generally, there are 0-9kg baby basket seats, 0-18kg seats, 9kg-18kg seats, 9kg-36kg seats,

15 kg - 36 kg seats.

Special attention: for children under 13kg, it is necessary to buy seats that can be installed in reverse, which can protect the baby's spine and neck, and avoid the strong impact on the baby when braking. (because this weight level baby's spine is not fully developed and can't bear the huge impact).

For the expandable use of children's seats, there is a separate heightening pad that can be used together. When children's height and weight are relatively light, heightening pad can be used, which can increase the height of vision in children's cars, and also play a role of fully fixing the position. (because the international standard automobile safety belt is designed for the human body whose height is more than 1.5m, if the passenger whose height is less than 1.5m uses the safety belt, the safety belt is easy to cause great harm to the child's neck in case of an accident.).

1. Purchase the safety seat matched with the car.

At least two child seats need to be purchased for a child's entire childhood. Many child safety seats are produced by car seat manufacturers, so it's better to choose the child safety seats matching the car, which is not only convenient to install, but also more secure.

In children's childhood, parents need to buy two child seats and at least one booster seat for their children: the first is the baby's backward type, and the second is the forward type small child seat after 15kg. When the child grows beyond the rear facing child safety seat, it can be replaced by the front facing safety seat. When a child is raised on this kind of child seat cushion, he can be fixed on the seat with the standard three-point seat belt.

2. Shopping malls to see goods, online purchase, it is best not to choose second-hand products.

Nowadays, the price of children's seats in shopping malls is more than 1000 yuan. Parents may wish to go to the shopping mall in advance to select the model and mark the specific technical parameters. Then to Taobao, eBay, in the form of online shopping, often can save 30% of the cost. If the price saved by online shopping is more than 30%, parents need to be alert. At this time, most of what you buy is fake. The longest service life of children's seat is generally 10 years, and the seat with service time more than 5 years should be carefully inspected.

3. Select the safety seat with safety label and national quality certificate.

Do not use safety seats that have been in use for more than ten years, have some parts missing or have no manufacturer information. If you choose a second-hand safety seat, make sure it has not been used in an accident.

Cleaning and maintenance of child safety seat

1. Children's chairs should be cleaned regularly.

Children's chairs are generally made of leather, because children will feel comfortable when they sit up. Therefore, when cleaning, they should use detergent to clean their surfaces, and then clean them with water once, which is considered as thorough cleaning.

2. When a child chair is broken, it should be mended with leather material.

Children usually prefer to pull things. If they don't mend them in time, they will enlarge their holes.

3. Pay attention to the children's chair in a dry place to avoid hair.

Because if leather things are kept in damp places for a long time, they will hair, affect the quality of children's chairs, and easily corrupt.