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What are the advantages of drinking goat's milk

Compared with milk, there are fewer people who drink goat's milk. Many people feel that goat's milk has a special smell that they are not used to. But goat's milk is a very good milk source, which is recorded in the compendium of Materia Medica. What are the benefits of goat's milk? Let's have a look.

In recent years, many parents and friends are looking for better nutrition in their daily life for their babies to grow up healthily. Many friends have abandoned the traditional milk and chose the goat milk with higher nutritional value for their children But there are many friends who don't know the benefits of goat's milk very well. What are the benefits of drinking goat's milk? In response to this question, I'd like to invite friends to have a look with me in the next time.

According to nutrition experts, goat milk is known as the "king of milk" in the international nutrition field. The fat particle volume of goat milk is one third of that of milk, which is more conducive to human absorption, and long-term drinking of goat milk will not cause obesity. The vitamins and microelements in goat's milk are significantly higher than that in milk. Some countries in the United States and Europe regard goat's milk as a nutritious product. The price of fresh goat's milk in Europe is seven times higher than that of milk. Experts suggest that people with allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, bronchitis or weakness and infants are more suitable for drinking.

Compared with milk, people who drink goat's milk are less, many people can't smell it and don't understand its nutritional value. In fact, as early as in compendium of Materia Medica, it has been mentioned that 'goat milk is sweet and nontoxic, moistening the heart and lungs, nourishing the lung and kidney qi. 'Chinese medicine has always regarded goat's milk as a particularly beneficial food for the lungs and trachea.

The content of immunoglobulin in goat milk is very high. The function of immunoglobulin in human body can not be replaced by antibiotics. Usually cold, flu, pneumonia and other diseases caused by the virus, antibiotics can not effectively kill the virus, on the contrary, it will bring many side effects to the human body, immunoglobulin can effectively eliminate the virus, protect the human body from harm. The nutritional value of goat's milk is higher than that of milk, and goat's milk is more beneficial to human absorption than milk.

The above paragraphs tell us the benefits of drinking goat's milk. I sincerely hope that all friends can study the above contents carefully, so that they can have a deeper understanding of goat's milk, and at the same time give full play to these benefits in our daily life Of course, I want to remind you that goat milk is not suitable for every friend