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How to match the background wall of children's room? What are the advantages of the background wall the children all have the imagination of flying in the sky. When they are interested, they can doodle at will in the place where they can see. The walls of their homes are often painted in a mess. Setting a blackboard background wall in the children's room can protect children's creative desire and the wall in the home from being damaged. So how to match the children's room background wall best? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Basic functions of children's room background wall

The wall decoration with sound absorption, sound insulation and wave absorption functions of the background wall can not only be applied to the home decoration of the TV background wall, sofa background wall, porch, bedroom wall, etc. in the family living room, but also can be applied to the decoration of the hotel, KTV, nightclub and other entertainment places, and can also be applied to the suction of the performance hall, cinema, opera house, audio-visual room, studio, etc Sound insulation requires professional wall decoration.

The design principle of children's room background wall

For growing up children, to cultivate their cheerful and lively character, it is necessary to start from the color matching of the room. Make their daily living environment into a bright and vibrant place, and they will unconsciously be affected by this atmosphere. Recommend 9 active children's rooms made of several commonly used bright color schemes. Let's inject vitality into children's growth space.

The background wall of children's room not only beautifies the wall of children's room, enables children to give full play to their imagination, but also places their parents' best wishes on their children. Colorful space also helps children's brain development. What are the young parents waiting for? Hurry up. Give children a happy fairy tale life.

Comments on the collocation of fairy tale background wall

Children's room is a small place for parents to prepare for their children's study and growth. It is said that children like colorful bright colors, so parents will try to decorate their children's rooms with a variety of bright colors, but experts tell you that this is not good, too bright colors are not good for their children's growth. Collocation comments: the first criterion of children's room decoration is the environmental protection quality of basic materials. However, there are many levels of health standards. Whether the color combination is suitable for children's visual growth, and whether the pattern matching is scientific enough, all test the carefulness of parents. Tips for letter installation: green decoration is necessary. Among all kinds of color combinations, there are houses, animals and plants, which can best cater to the love of young children, making them feel like they have entered the castle, giving full play to their inner reverie, and yellow gives people a warm and sweet feeling.

Comments on the background wall matching with funny patterns

The combination of colors and the creation of images make the space more favored by girls. The color of the bedroom is unified, the theme is distinct, and the space is more lively.

Comments on the collocation of landscape pattern and background wall

All kinds of patterns and simple colors are good choices for young children. Children's thoughts make them have a unique interest in color. Each child's small world can choose to paint on the wall.

The trend of matching children's room background wall

1. Fashion collection:

The most popular is the most classic, with international taste to lead the trend, European and American, Japanese and Korean, Chinese style, including different styles, magic space background wall, the popular trend hanging on your wall.

2. Mensa:

Mensa comes from the Latin meaning of "round table". The talented Mensa Club symbolizes the texture puzzle with high intelligence, which represents different Mensa tests such as creativity, knowledge level, figure, number, question and answer, word puzzle, calculation, puzzle, maze and so on. The magic space background wall enables you to enjoy "intelligence surfing" anytime and anywhere.

3. Space series:

Finally, the illusion relief, three-dimensional spiral, like the maze transmission of the future, roams in the vast star sea, and walks in the dream space. Magic space background wall, for your future wings.

4. Antique Series:

Figures and angles constitute the totem imprints of the four ancient civilizations. Cultural inheritance is the cornerstone of thinking. Legends in the East and the West represent different dreams. Magic space background wall, keep the root for you.