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How to choose safe and comfortable children's desk cleaning and maintenance skills of children's des for the children who are going to school, they can't do their homework, read books and surf the Internet without desks every day. A suitable children's desk can not only prevent their myopia and hunchback, but also improve their learning efficiency, which plays an important role in their healthy growth and learning. So how to choose a suitable children's desk? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Buying skills of children's desk

The practical scope of children's desk cannot be ignored

It is important to know whether the size of the next learning table is appropriate (mainly the length and width of the table), whether it can be used by the children when they grow up, and whether the height can be adjusted, especially for the boys who grow fast, and more importantly, it is necessary to select a table with appropriate specifications and styles.

The material of children's desk is very important

At present, there are camphor pine in the market, with straight texture, moderate structure, light and soft material, good drying performance, which is the best plate. There are also particleboard, because the surface of particleboard is flat and decorative; static bending strength and internal bonding strength are high; processing performance is good; warpage deformation is small and dimensional stability is good. The disadvantages of the utility model are that the water absorption thickness expansion rate is large, the weight of the product is large, and the nail holding force is low, so it is not suitable for multiple disassembly. Density board is a good material for furniture because of its impact resistance and easy reprocessing.

Attention should be paid to the safety of children's desks

Now there are many styles of learning tables in the market: foldable, inclined, horizontal, adjustable height, extended desktop.... all the designs are convenient for children to use, but the premise is whether the design is safe, whether the foldable one will clip into the child's hand, whether the corner of the foldable front and back table will have security risks (children accidentally knock it), so you have to choose Choose the table with arc design.

Children's desks should have complete functions

Now children's desks require correction of sitting posture and prevention of myopia. All the learning tables now have a bracket design. Is it better to write on a slant or a horizontal plane? First of all, the Chinese nation has been on a horizontal plane for thousands of years. No one has corrected it for so long. It should be the most scientific way! Secondly, in the slant state, books are unstable and easy to slide down, and children can't always press books. Finally, the elbow board of the learning table slides down at an angle of more than 70 degrees with the body in the inclined state. It is easy for children to put their arms directly on the table top, and then lie on the table top, so the effect of the elbow board to correct sitting posture is obviously weakened.

Cleaning and maintenance of children's desk

1. Children's desks should not be stained with colored water or acid-base solution. If it occupies the water, immediately use dry cloth to absorb the water. If it is stained with colored liquid or other harmful liquid, it should be dry cleaned or washed according to the requirements of furniture label immediately. It is not allowed to wash and bleach. If the thread is loose, it can not be torn off by hand, and it should be neatly cut with scissors.

2. Children's desks should be kept away from direct sunlight. When high temperature objects are placed on furniture, they must be padded with heat insulation mat to avoid affecting their service life. Children's desks should be placed in a place with sufficient light. If children's desks are placed sideways, they should ensure that the light comes from the left. Children's desks and chairs should be placed as few as possible and against the wall to expand children's activity space.

3. At ordinary times, it is not suitable to knock the children's desk with heavy objects, drag the surface, or cut things on the surface of children's desks and chairs, or apply them to the surface of gravity cleaning. It is also not suitable to repair children's desks with pigments different from the original paint of furniture. Wash children's desks with Fanli water every other year to keep their colors bright.

4. If the structure of wooden children's desk is loose before use, tighten the connecting fasteners. When cleaning the dust, use a soft cloth to remove the dust along the grain of the wood. The soft cloth should be moistened with a spray cleaner. Do not use a dry cloth to wipe it, so as not to wipe the flowers. It is also not suitable to wash furniture with alkaline water or boiled water, or place high concentration alcohol to avoid damaging the surface of furniture.