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How to put children's bed? What are the color matching skills for children's room

Sihaiwang: we all know that the furniture layout in the house is very exquisite. Not only adults, but also children. The orientation of children's room and the arrangement of children's bed are also skillful. Good placement is good for children's growth. So how should children's beds be placed? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Orientation of children's room

1. Children's room is preferably located in the east or southeast of the house. These two directions can receive the energy of sunshine in the morning, which is beneficial to the healthy development of children. It indicates that children are growing up day by day, lively, lovely and steady.

2. Children's room can also be set up in the west of the house. The five elements in the West belong to gold. In the afternoon, they can receive sunshine, which is conducive to children's sleep.

3. Boys and girls should be treated separately. When choosing the location of children, we should pay attention to the fact that the East is Zhengua, which represents the eldest man, the southeast is Xun Gua, which represents the eldest daughter. Therefore, different bedroom positions can be selected according to the child's gender.

4. When setting up the children's room, it should be decided according to the children's birthday. The five element structure of a child is calculated from the date of birth. If the children's five elements lack of gold, the children's room in the West or the South can play a certain role in making up; if the five elements lack of wood, it is better to be located in the East and Southeast; if the five elements lack of water, you can choose to be located in the north; if the five elements lack of fire, you can arrange in the South; if the five elements lack of soil, southwest and northeast are good choices.

Arrangement of children's bed

In addition to the placement of children's beds, we also need to pay attention to the location of children's beds and other spaces in the home, which will affect the geomancy of children's rooms.

Places to pay attention to for the placement of children's room bed:

1. Children's bed should not be placed under the beam, which will give children a heavy sense of pressure, so children are prone to nightmares.

2. The bed should not face the window with too strong sunlight, because it is easy to be upset by too strong sunlight.

3. The bed shall not be on the balcony, nor close to the balcony floor window, nor close to the balcony floor window.

4. Keep the head of the bed away from the toilet.

5. If there are more than two children living in the same room, do not place their beds in different directions, which is easy to make them estrange.

6. The bed should not be on or off the kitchen stove (prone to skin and irritability), or on or off the toilet.

7. The bed should not be placed under the God's seat in the shrine (it's better not to use it when the child is normal).

8. The head of the bed can't play the recorder.