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Two men riding a small yellow car this operation hot eyes!

Two men riding a small yellow car this operation hot eyes! following the last time four people in Changsha rode bicycles together, recently, Xiaohuang car is operated at a divine level. Two men ride Xiaohuang car face to face. The netizens in this picture call it too hot. We can see from the picture that it's really a rhythm that can't die without dying. Xiaobian prompt, for your and others' safety, please don't imitate this operation!

It is understood that on July 31, two men in Foshan, Guangdong Province rode a small yellow ofo car in the streets, including a man in white sitting on the front of the car and a man in black riding. In order not to block the sight of cycling, the man in white sometimes looks sideways, like hugging each other. The picture is a little indescribable.

Let alone the painting style, but such behavior is really easy to lead to rollovers. For two people's behavior has the netizen to express, this may be the intention hypes. Some netizens also think that riding on the road is the first thing to be safe. Be careful. This article is compiled by and reprinted with the source. The original link: