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How to choose the inside or outside of sunshade

Sunshade is a necessary sunshade tool in summer. If you choose a satisfactory sunshade, it will not only block the sunlight, but also be light and comfortable to use. So how to choose a good sunshade? Come with Xiaobian and see how to choose a good sunshade.

How to choose sunshade


According to international standards, when the UPF (UV protection coefficient) of the fabric is more than 30 and the transmittance of UVA is less than 5%, it can be called UV protection product, and the protection grade is upf30 +; when the UPF is more than 50, it indicates that the UV protection performance of the product is excellent, and the protection grade is UPF50 +. The higher the UPF, the lower the UVA and the better the sunscreen effect.

Sunscreen fabric

1. Choose the fabric of UV protection umbrella. The research shows that the fabric with thick umbrella surface has better UV resistance than the fabric with thin umbrella surface. Generally speaking, the fabric with cotton, silk and nylon has poor UV resistance, while polyester has better UV resistance.

2. Generally, the sunshade made of silk or hemp can isolate the heat energy in the sun from the umbrella. People under the umbrella are not easy to feel hot. In addition, the heat insulation effect of thick material and double-layer sunshade is also good.

3. The sunshade made of chemical fiber and polyester fiber is not easy to dissipate heat. Walking in the sun with such an umbrella will feel extremely hot. You should pay attention to it when you buy it!

4. At present, the most common fabric used to make sunshade umbrella is mirror color glue, black glue and silver glue. Mirror color glue is the kind of umbrella surface flash! Black glue is more durable than silver glue, and the effect is good.

Umbrella rib umbrella stand

1. The firmness of umbrella bone is an important quality standard of sunshade. When purchasing, you can open the umbrella surface, grasp the handle of the umbrella, shake it vigorously from left to right, and check whether the umbrella frame is rickety, solid and reliable.

2. Aluminum bone: light weight, cheap, the most common, but easy to break, windproof ability is poor.

3. Chemical fibreboard: light weight, durable and strong wind resistance, mostly made of high-grade brand materials, but the price is high.

4. Carbon fiber bone: light weight, general wind resistance, most expensive price, only in high-grade umbrella.

5. Iron bone: it's durable and a little expensive; it's the one that gets rusty in the rain.

Sunshade black glue in or out

Black glue is in it. OK

1. The inside of the umbrella is black, and the outside is better in a lighter color. So most of the light is reflected, and the rest is absorbed by the black of the inner layer.

2. If black is on the outside or on both sides, it will be very hot because most of the light is absorbed. If the black glue is outside, the black absorbs all the color light, so it is black, (white reflects all the color light, and all the color light is mixed with white). So if the black glue is outside, all the color light of the sun is absorbed, so it is particularly hot.

3. Moreover, the black rubber layer is relatively fragile. If it is placed on the outer layer, the general scratch and rain will corrode the sunscreen coating. After a long time, the sunscreen coating will weaken, which will affect the sunscreen effect. So in terms of black glue, it's better to choose the products in it.

How to maintain the sun umbrella

1. The main function of the sun umbrella is to resist ultraviolet rays. Because the fabric used to make the sun umbrella is relatively fine and contains some small particles, the best washing method is to wash it with water instead of brush.

2. If it's not necessary, don't clean the umbrella. If it must be cleaned, it's better to wash the umbrella surface with clean water. Try not to get water on the umbrella frame to avoid rusting.

3. After the umbrella is splashed with mud, dry it and brush the mud away with a soft brush. Cloth Umbrella and silk umbrella should be washed with alcohol solution or dilute detergent solution, then washed with water and dried. Silk umbrella can't be opened for washing, or it will break easily after drying.

4. Do not wash the cloth umbrella with gasoline or kerosene; wash the dark cloth umbrella with strong tea water, and wash the flower cloth umbrella with ammonia water. If there is any stain, wash it with 50% solution of vinegar and water respectively.

5. The best way is not to buy a light umbrella, so you don't have to work hard.