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Seven ways to solve the problem of sweater pilling

Sweater pilling is a problem we often encounter when wearing sweaters, so how to deal with balloon sweaters? There are several methods below. You may as well try them with Xiaobian.

How to deal with the pilling of sweater

1: Baijie cloth

The loofah pulp or white cleaning cloth used for washing dishes is also a good helper to remove the wool ball on the surface of clothes. Just wet it with water, wring it dry, and brush the surface of clothes with a rough side.

Whether it's the wool ball of a sweater, or the stain of a winter woolen coat or a suede coat, you can clean it with a light wipe.

2: comb

A small comb can not only comb the hair, but also clear the wool ball on the sweater, especially the comb with fine pitch has better effect!

Just rub the comb on the surface of the sweater, and gently use force to scrape off the ball.

3: Razor

If there are many wool balls on the sweater, you may as well put the clothes flat and take a razor close to the surface to slowly scrape away the wool balls on the surface.

At the beginning, remember to use less force, and then use more force. Be sure to pay attention to the force and angle to prevent the sweater from being scratched.

4: toothbrush

Don't throw away the waste toothbrush at home. It's convenient to leave it to remove the clothes and hair balls! Use scissors to cut a few knives on one side of the old toothbrush to make it uneven.

After cutting, take the cut side of the toothbrush, scrape along the sweater lines, and the wool ball will stick to the toothbrush.

5: Velcro, tape

One side of the Velcro is sticky. It's best to remove the impurities on the surface of the sweater.

However, if you want to remove the miscellaneous wool on the surface of cashmere sweater, because cashmere is delicate and easy to damage, it is recommended to use a small roller shaped Velcro, just roll it on the surface of the clothing.

If you don't have a Velcro, tape is a good choice.

6: Nylon socks

Nylon stockings or pantyhose, silk stockings if the holes do not throw, remove the effect of the ball is also very good!

7: Rubber gloves

The clothes are covered with wool balls. Just prepare a pair of rubber gloves. Sweep down the clothes, and the miscellaneous hairs on the clothes will stick to the gloves.

The rags that don't stick to the glove will gather at the edge of the corner of the garment. Just grasp lightly, and the rags will be removed.