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How to supplement the nutrition according to the Constitution

Speaking of tonic, in addition to health products, the most commonly used one is food tonic, so how can we eat to supplement the needs? Then we need to know what kind of food has what nutrition, and then see what kind of physique you are. People who need tonic will have a look at how to supplement together with Xiaobian!

You should see your constitution before you start

1、 People with anemia eat more lean pork

Fat meat has high fat content and low protein content, and eating more can easily lead to diseases such as hyperlipidemia and obesity; most of the protein is concentrated in lean meat, and the lean meat also contains hemoglobin, which can play the role of iron supplement, can prevent anemia, and the effect is better than eating vegetables.

Recommended recipe: Braised Pork with yam

Raw materials: 400g pork, 1 yam, 1 bulk, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine, salt, oil, onion, ginger.

How to do it: blanch the pork slices in a boiling water pot and take them out for use; put a little oil in the pot, stir fry the pork for a while in a small heat, pour in the old soy sauce and cooking wine, stir fry and color the scallion and ginger slices and the large materials, add the warm water, and turn the heat to a small heat for stewing; when the meat is stewed and pierced with chopsticks, add a proper amount of white sugar (best icing sugar) and salt, and then put the yam in, Boil for another 15 minutes, drain the soup, and the yams will be soft and rotten.

2、 Weak and forgetful to eat beef

Beef is the best choice for those who are weak and mentally retarded. The amino acid composition of beef protein is closer to human needs than pork, and can improve the body's resistance to disease. It is especially suitable for growth, development, post operation, and post conditioning patients who supplement blood loss and repair tissue.

Recommended recipe: Pomelo curry beef

Ingredients: 500g beef, 1 potato, 2 lemons, 20g onion, ginger, cooking wine, curry, garlic, honey and grapefruit sauce, pepper, salt, sugar and oil.

Methods: cut the beef into small pieces, wash the potatoes and peel them, cut the hob and onion into small pieces; add oil to the wok and heat it, stir the ginger first, then put the beef into the wok, cook the cooking wine, stir fry until the color changes; add water to the other wok, boil it, put the fried beef into the wok, squeeze in the lemon juice, add salt, pepper powder and sugar, and simmer for 30 minutes; add the potato into the wok, boil it in high heat, simmer in low heat; another wok Stir onion and garlic slices in oil, add curry, stir in beef and stir well; turn off the heat, add honey and grapefruit sauce, mix well and serve.

3、 Men eat mutton if they want to have sex

Mutton is the most nourishing meat, which can benefit the kidney and strengthen Yang, nourish deficiency and resist cold, and strengthen the body. However, it should be noted that mutton is warm, deficiency of yin and excessive fire, cough and phlegm, dyspepsia, arthritis, eczema and fever should be avoided.

Recommended recipe: fried mutton with green onion

Ingredients: 250g lamb slices, 1 shallot, 15ml soy sauce, 15ml rice vinegar, 8g sugar, 5g salt, 1 handlebar coriander, a little oil.

Method: first cut the shallot into oblique pieces, wash the coriander and cut it into 3cm long sections for standby; when the oil pot is heated to 50% heat, put the mutton slices into stir fry; when the mutton slices turn white, put the shallot into stir fry, add soy sauce, sugar, salt, stir fry evenly; when the mutton is cooked, pour in rice vinegar, put the parsley sections into stir fry evenly and then out of the pot.

4、 People who are afraid of fat eat chicken

Chicken is the least fatty meat. It has a good therapeutic effect on malnutrition, chills, fatigue, irregular menstruation, anemia and weakness.

Recommended recipe: chicken and asparagus roll

Ingredients: 300g chicken breast, 5 asparagus, 1 carrot, 2 mushroom, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, pepper, starch and sesame oil.

Methods: wash the asparagus, cut off the old roots, scrape off the hard skin, pour water into the pot, add a little salt after boiling, put in the cleaned asparagus and scald it until it is eight mature, remove and drain the water; chop the chicken breast meat into the shape of mud, chop the mushrooms, peel the carrots and chop them, put the chicken mud, mushrooms and carrots into the container, add salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, pepper and sesame oil to mix evenly Prepare the stuffing for use; wrap the chicken stuffing on asparagus, put it on a plate, and steam it in a steaming pan; pour in the soup for steaming chicken to brew asparagus, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and water starch to thicken it, and pour it on the asparagus for consumption.

5、 Lack of trace elements, eat more fish and shrimp

Fish and shrimp are rich in trace elements, including calcium, iron, manganese, copper, etc., which are necessary for human body.

Recommended recipe: steamed carp

Ingredients: 500g carp, 1 ginger, 1 shallot, 2 spoons cooking wine, 1 spoonful sesame oil, 2 spoonfuls soy sauce, salt, chicken essence, water lake powder.

Methods: marinate the fish body with ginger, scallion, cooking wine, soy sauce and salt for more than 15 minutes; add soup or water in the fish bowl and steam in the boiling water pot for 15 minutes; take out the soup in the fish bowl and put it into the frying pan to boil, add chicken essence and water starch to thicken it, pour it on the fish body and drop it with sesame oil. Comprehensive report of our newspaper