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What color is sunscreen? What is the fabric of sunscreen

Sunscreen is the necessary equipment for many people to go out in summer, and the rich color of sunscreen is also one of the characteristics. What color is the most sunscreen? What is the fabric of sunscreen? What I want to know is to have a look with Xiaobian.

What color is the most sunscreen

It is generally believed that light color and less light absorption will be very sunscreen, in fact, it is not. Is two concepts, in the barrier UV, dark will be more able to block UV.

When choosing sunscreen clothes, we'd better not choose white ones, because although the white ones don't absorb heat, the ability of others to absorb ultraviolet rays is very good, so you wear white sunscreen clothes is equivalent to wearing an ultraviolet receiver. Wearing white sunscreen clothes is very easy to be burned by the sun, and the yellow you like is also very non sunscreen, So when you buy sunscreen, you still don't want to buy light color, so what color of sunscreen we should buy is more appropriate. It is recommended that you buy red, red sunscreen has better sunscreen effect, which can really help us block ultraviolet rays. The other one is black, this type of dark sunscreen has better sunscreen effect Better. So we must not think that the sun protection effect of light colored clothes is good.

What is the fabric of sunscreen

Good sunscreen fabric can not only prevent ultraviolet rays, but also quickly guide sweat to the surface of the fabric, and quickly dry; while inferior fabric has poor moisture absorption and air permeability, and it is easy to feel uncomfortable or even cover prickly heat when wearing for a long time. The sunscreen effect of ordinary fabric is better than that of any sunscreen, and the sunscreen effect of sunscreen fabric is better than that of ordinary fabric. However, after several times of washing, the sunscreen effect of the fabric with sunscreen additives will be reduced.

In terms of color, the darker the color is, the higher the UV protection performance is, such as black; in terms of texture, polyester is superior to nylon, and nylon is superior to rayon and silk in chemical fiber.

In the chemical laboratory, we test the sunscreen of each kind of cloth, mainly testing the UV transmittance of 290-400 nm. The experimental results: the UV transmittance of 310 nm is 19% of natural silk, 12.4% of nylon, 9% of pure cotton, 8.3% of DuPont rainproof fabric, and 5.3% of metallic silk cloth. The smaller the transmittance, the better the sunscreen effect.

Precautions for cleaning sunscreen

1. Choose the right cleaning solution

Try not to use washing powder or alkaline detergent when cleaning sunscreen clothes. Because the raw materials of sunscreen clothes are slightly different from those of other clothes, try to use neutral detergent to avoid damage to the color and windproof functions of clothes.

2. Grasp the cleaning tips

Put the neutral detergent into the clear water, soak the clothes for about 20 minutes, and use your hands gently. After rubbing, we can use the soft brush to finish the dirty clothes, or the soft cloth, or it will damage the clothes. After cleaning, hang it directly in the shade and dry it.