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June 29 China vs Brazil live address of the world women's volleyball finals

On June 29, the finals of the world women's volleyball team entered the last day of the group match. The Chinese women's volleyball team will meet its old rival Brazil's women's volleyball team tonight. Yesterday, Brazil's women's volleyball team lost 3-0 to Holland. After the death of Holland, both of the two matches were at the bottom of the group and were not qualified. China and Brazil advanced to the top four together.

Live time: 20:30, June 29

Live address: CCTV5

China and Brazil have a long record of playing each other. At present, Brazil's women's volleyball team is 37-26 in the world competition, occupying a certain advantage.

On June 5, China and Brazil had a fight in Jiangmen station, when the Chinese women's volleyball team lost 2-3. Zhu Ting scored 34 points in that match, and Yuan Xinyue, Li YingYing and Yan Ni all scored double. The Chinese women's volleyball team was defeated when they scored 15 points more than their opponents.