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Is the earthquake cloud the precursor of the earthquake

Is the earthquake cloud the precursor of the earthquake Recently, a microblog user revealed that the earthquake cloud landscape appeared over Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, so some netizens speculated that it was a sign of an earthquake, so is the earthquake cloud really a precursor to an earthquake? Is earthquake cloud related to earthquake? Let's take a look at science popularization.

What is the so-called "earthquake cloud"? In the 1980s, some published "earthquake cloud research" believed that there are three types of "earthquake cloud": strip, radiation and interference fringe. But in fact, the so-called "earthquake clouds" actually have corresponding genera and species in the scientific classification of clouds, and they are very common. For example, the 'banded seismic cloud' is actually a pod like stratocumulus or pod like altocumulus; the 'radial seismic cloud' is actually a spoke like altocumulus; the 'interference striped seismic cloud' is actually a wave like high-level cloud. Later, some people define the "earthquake cloud" more casually. They call all the "weird" clouds "earthquake clouds, which have no scientific significance.

Experts said that the reason why the saying of "earthquake cloud" is so popular is that we have no idea of earthquake activity and fear of earthquake damage. So we always want to find out the law of earthquake activity and habitually classify cloud as earthquake precursor phenomenon, but the earthquake precursor in the scientific sense does not include earthquake cloud.

The term "earthquake cloud" of Baidu Encyclopedia, which has misled countless netizens, has finally been corrected and revised with the joint efforts of many scholars from the Meteorological Bureau, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and so on. Opening the new entry, we can see that the current definition of 'earthquake cloud' is shown as: 'a cloud that can be misinterpreted to predict earthquakes in advance. At present, there is no accurate definition, and it is not recognized by the meteorological or geological majors. It is mainly spread in China and Japan. Chinese and foreign scientific circles, seismological bureaus, meteorological bureaus and other institutions have repeatedly refuted this myth, stressing that there is no effective evidence that cloud can be used to predict earthquakes. '

Meteorological experts pointed out that the so-called "earthquake cloud" is a very common cumulus cloud, also known as cumulus cloud, which is very common in high temperature and sunny weather, and is not the precursor of an earthquake. I hope that when you see this kind of news, you should keep sober and do not follow others' example, so as not to cause panic.