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What is the medicinal value of sorbose? What is the difference between sorbose and white granulated speaking of Bingtang, I believe it's not strange that we often see it in our lives. Many children like to eat them as snacks, and adults will stop them immediately. In fact, the main ingredient of rock candy is sucrose, but its medicinal value is also very good. No matter it is used in medicine or in vegetables, it has a very good effect. It is beneficial and harmless for the body to eat a little occasionally. So what is the medicinal value of Bingtang? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

What is the medicinal value of Borneol

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Runfei has the effect of relieving cough, clearing phlegm and removing fire. It is also the auxiliary material for brewing medicine wine and stewing tonic.

1. The function of Bingtang: tonifying the middle and Qi, moistening the lung with the stomach, relieving cough and resolving phlegm.

2. Sexual taste: sweet, flat and non-toxic. Meridian tropism: into the lung and spleen.

3. Efficacy: Nourishing Yin, promoting body fluid, moistening lung and relieving cough.

4. Indications: dry cough, dry cough without phlegm, hemoptysis with blood.

Bingtang, like black sugar, white sugar and brown sugar, is made of sucrose. Because the purity of Bingtang is the highest in the production process, and it will not have acid taste like other sugars, so everyone thinks that Bingtang is better. But because of the highest purity of Bingtang, the nutrients called impurities are relatively less.

Bingtang is better than white sugar: the reason is that Bingtang is made of white granulated sugar, which is dissolved, filtered, boiled and crystallized. Its purity is high. White sugar is purified directly from sugarcane juice or from raw sugar. In addition, long-term use of iced sugar water can effectively remove fire, reduce blood pressure, and provide the body with the necessary glucose ingredients.

The difference between Bingtang and white granulated sugar is: one is crystal, the other is fine granular wet powder. The sugar degree of the two is the same, there is nothing good or bad, just the problem of taste. Generally healthy people eat sugar properly is good for their health. People with diabetes should try to eat less or not.

To sum up, in fact, icing sugar and white granulated sugar are not a concept, so it is not appropriate to have a psychological conflict with icing sugar. Some methods of dietotherapy must have the taste of icing sugar. In addition, in terms of storage, lollipops will expire. They should be sealed and put in a dry and cool place.