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What are the scores of Zhu ting in the 2018 World Women's Volleyball National League finals

The competition for the first match day of the 2018 World Women's Volleyball National League final was held in Nanjing, and the Chinese team met the Dutch team, the first opponent in the group match. In the case of losing one game first, China pulled three games in succession, and the total score was 3-1 to win. The score of the four games was 20-25, 25-21, 25-22 and 25-18. In this game, Zhu Ting got 36 points at most.

The Chinese team only achieved 7-8 record in the sub station competition and ranked seventh. However, it was still shortlisted in the finals as the host country, while the Dutch team ranked fourth with 12-3 record. In Stuttgart in the last week, China lost 3-1 to Holland without sending many main players. In this competition, the Chinese team started with Zhu Ting, Liu Xiaotong as the main attack, Yuan Xinyue and Yan Ni as the secondary attack, Gong Xiangyu as the secondary pass, Ding Xia as the second pass and Wang Mengjie as the free man; the Dutch team started with grotexus and buygis as the primary attack, belien and LOHUIS as the secondary attack, slotejes as the secondary pass, deecoma and Schutter as the secondary pass

In the first round, the Chinese team had a smooth start. After 1 draw, they scored 3 points in Yuan Xinyue's serve wheel, Zhu Ting won 4 points in a row, and the Chinese team led 4-1. The Chinese team made a mistake in attack. The Netherlands got caught in the net after the second position of sloteyers hit. Liu Xiaotong was stopped in counterattack and the Chinese team led 5-4. After belien hit the ball from the back in position 2, Liu Xiaotong went out of the field in position 4, and Zhu Ting got the spike in the back row. For the first time, the Chinese team was 8-5 ahead in technical suspension. The Dutch team scored in position 2, Yuan Xinyue hit in position 3, Liu Xiaotong got in position 4, and China led 10-6. In the last three attacks of sloteyes, Zhu Ting's third hitter was out of the field, and grotexus got the fast ball. Zhu Ting adjusted the nail floor to score. Buygis hit the diagonal in the fourth position, and Yanni got the fast hand in front of the third position. The Chinese team continued to lead 13-9.

Buyijis position 4 spike score, Zhu Ting position 4 spike hit in the back row, buyijis position 4 spike hit straight, Gong Xiangyu position 2 spike maker out of bounds, prake position 2 re buckled, grotus position 4 adjust attack, prake position 2 re buckled and then down points, Chinese team 15-14 request to suspend. Zhu Ting's No. 4 attack was stopped, Liu Xiaotong's No. 4 adjustment forced attack hit, the second technical suspension of China's 16-15 lead. Ding Xia scored the second time, Liu Xiaotong made a mistake in the fourth position counterattack, and China blocked Woguo to 17. Zeng Chunlei came on as a substitute, the Dutch team hit back and scored, Yuan Xinyue got the ball, Liu Xiaotong missed the first pass after serving and stampede, Stoltenberg hit the ball twice, and China was 18-21 behind and suspended. Bouygis got the shot, Zeng Chunlei was stopped, and Zhu Ting's No. 4 counter attack forced the round. LOHUIS No. 2 position back fly oblique hit, Zhu Ting No. 4 position spike directly to the back of the gap, Ding Xia serve out of the sideline, the Chinese team 20-25 first lost a game.

In the second round, Yuan Xinyue scored for the Chinese team first, and grothus got the hang ball. After the Dutch team made a probe hit, buygis won the hang ball in position 4. The Chinese team blocked the net out of the boundary, and Yanni forced the far net short flat to be blocked. Liu Xiaotong missed the serve. The Chinese team suffered a serious crash in the first pass and fell behind 6 points in a row. After the suspension of the Chinese team, Zhu Ting hit back with a heavy hit, sloteyes No. 2 crossed the line, buygis hit back, Gong Xiangyu hit back, buygis hit back again, and the Chinese team fell behind 4-8 for the first time. In addition, the attacker of position 4 of buygis was out of bounds, the spike of position 2 of sloteyes was out of bounds, the Chinese team scored the drop shot, the back fast hit of position 2 of belline, the Dutch team made a continuous fault in service, the Zhu Ting counterattack player was out of bounds, the Gong Xiangyu counterattack hit of position 2, the Zhu Ting strong attack hit of position 4, and the Chinese team made 11 draws. China's counterattack is successful, Zhu Ting's attack is out of bounds, Yuan Xinyue's serve score after the fast ball hit, China's team is 14-12 ahead. The third attack of buygis was finished, Yanni was hit from behind in position 2, buygis was hit on the oblique line in position 4, Zhu Ting was hit in the gap in position 4, and the second technical suspension led China 16-14. In the second position of sloteyes, Gong Xiangyu got the second position, Zhu Ting got the third attack, Gong Xiangyu served out, Zhu Ting's third attack resulted in the block out. In the fourth position of dadelop, Zhu Ting got the short ball score, and the Chinese team was 20-18 ahead of Yang Fangxu. Dadelop's No. 4 position was served successfully after the oblique line was played, and the two sides drew to 20. Dadelop serves out the baseline, Gong Xiangyu and Yanni block the net and score, and China takes the lead 22-20. After the Dutch team suspended, Zhu Ting got the counterattack with a light crane. In buygis position 4, he hit with a diagonal line. After Zhu Ting position 4 hit in the back row, he served directly and scored. China team pulled back 25-21 innings.

In the third set, sloteyers scored in the diagonal at position 4 and Zhu Ting scored in position 4. The Chinese team stopped sloteyers' attack continuously. Yanni hit back in the fast break at position 3, and the Chinese team led 4-1. Holland team chased 2 points in a row, Zhu Ting was successful in the counter attack in position 4, and sloteyes served directly after the Chinese team blocked out of the border, and the two sides drew to 5. Sloteyers and Yanni missed the serve successively. Yuan Xinyue's close body fast hit at position 3, and grostexus's open net attack at position 4 was stopped. For the first time, the technology suspended China's 8-6 lead. Belline's No.2 long-distance service was served off the net, Liu Xiaotong was served off the net, Zhu Ting's No.4 spike was played in the back row, and China was 10-8 ahead. Yuan Xinyue's serve flies out of the baseline, Zhu Ting's spike player in position 4 is out of the boundary, buygis's breakthrough in position 4 is successful, sloteyes's counter attack in position 2 hit on the diagonal, and the two sides reached 11 draws. In Yanni's No.3 short and smooth play, Zhu Ting scored from the serve, while buygis missed the spike and hit the marker post. The Chinese team led by 14-11 points in a row. The third position of belline scored in a short and smooth way, Gong Xiangyu made a breakthrough in the second position, and the second position of belline was hit with a diagonal line. Zhu ting and Liu Xiaotong made mistakes in attack continuously. However, Gong Xiangyu's second position spike player went out of the boundary, and China's 16-15 lead came to the second technical suspension. Zhu Ting's spike player is out of bounds, and Belle Enping's serve is hit after scoring. The two sides reach 17. The Chinese team blocked the net and scored. In the last three attacks of sloetes, Stoltenberg served off the net. Zhu Ting's No. 4 diagonal line was played. The Chinese team forced the Dutch team to suspend 20-18. Liu Xiaotong's last three attacks were completed, sloteyes's fourth position attack was blocked, and China led 22-18. Yuan Xinyue's service error, sloteyers No. 2 buckled the small diagonal line, buyijis No. 4 hit back, the Dutch team chased 3 points in a row, Zhu Ting No. 4 scored to stabilize the situation. Zhu Ting smashed the ball and China won 24-21. Sloteyers scored on the oblique line of position 4, and Zhu Ting hit again on the oblique line of position 4 after the Chinese team asked for a suspension, winning 25-22 with a total score of 2-1.

In the fourth game, the Chinese team made a series of mistakes at the beginning of the game. It was once 1-5 behind and suspended. Yanni's fast back hit in position 2, buygis's strong open attack in position 4, Yanni's net was short and flat, sloteyes's straight-line score in position 4, Liu Xiaotong's smash in position 4 was blocked out, sloteyes's oblique line score in position 2, and China's team fell behind 4-8 in the first technical suspension. Gong Xiangyu made a mistake in receiving a pass, luohus served the ball off the net, sloteyes made a continuous mistake to send points, and the Chinese team chased 8-9. Sloteyers served straight after scoring in position 2, and China was 8-11 behind. Liu Xiaotong's spike was successful, Yuan Xinyue hit back in position 2, Zhu Ting scored a single block, and China's team tied 11. Zhu Ting won the double and counterattack in a row. The scores of the two teams rose alternately. After 14 draws, Zhu Ting scored straight points in position 4. The Netherlands lost distribution points. For the second time, the technology suspended China's 16-14 lead. Yanni blocks and scores, Gong Xiangyu's No. 2 player is out of the border, sloteyes's No. 4 straight line player is out of the border, Yanni's No. 3 player is short and quick, and China's team is 19-16 ahead. Yanni serves out the baseline, Liu Xiaotong is successful in attack, dadelop's No. 4 counter attack error, slotyes's No. 2 cross line score, dingxia's second hit, China's block score, Zhu Ting's strong attack, China's 24-18 match point. Holland lost distribution points, China 25-18 locked the win, the total score 3-1 reversal of the Netherlands.

In this competition, Zhu Ting got 36 points at most, Yuan Xinyue and Gong Xiangyu got 11 points and 10 points respectively. Tomorrow the Chinese team will be suspended for one day, and on June 29, they will play Brazil.