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Tiktok tiktok is where the modern voice of the brothers is.

The modern brothers are the latest hosts in the tiktok. They are full of magnetic sounds and have gained a large number of fans. So where are the modern brothers from? Where is the modern brothers live? Let's get to know with Xiaobian.

Which city is the modern brothers broadcasting live

Live address: Anton old street, Dandong, Liaoning (opposite Wanda)

Live broadcast platform: YY

Studio ID: 4528

Live time: usually after 6:30 p.m., if there are special reasons, they may be late. They are a team of several people, who are in charge of music, and Liu yunning is the lead singer in charge of singing. His singing sounds special man, and his unique voice has attracted a lot of praise and attention. In a few months, it has reached tens of millions of fans!

More people went to Anton old street in Dandong to see him. According to the screenshots sent by some netizens, they were all blocked up. They even came to special security to maintain order. Liu also said that because there were too many people, they couldn't broadcast it normally. Even when they went home, they were followed by others. Although they couldn't refuse their enthusiasm, he said they could Can we live it in the open air? Maybe we'll regret it later.

Their live content is mainly street singing and dancing. There is a special atmosphere in the old street where people come and go. Many people will stop to listen. Founded in 2014, with the tacit cooperation among members, the modern brothers have brought their advantages to full play and gained the love and popularity of numerous fans. On weekdays, the modern brothers also participated in many concerts to enrich their musical quality. Liu Yuning, the lead singer, once starred in online movies such as "Qin thief has a way", "secret imprisonment", "class 92 of the Ninth Five Year Plan", and acted as a performing guest in 2016 in "I want to sing with you" of Hunan Satellite TV.