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In "whirlwind", one person is divided into two parts, surpassing Yang Mi, and was cheated to ruin hi

Yang Mi, one of the four most popular little Huadan, is really a walking model in the airport. Yang Mi's TV series has been on fire one after another. Recently, "whirlwind" has been on air. The audience of this drama has been high. Many netizens are deeply attracted by the two roles of Fengqi and Fengxuan played by Lin Jing. Let's take a look at them together

whirlwind is on air. Although only four episodes are updated every week, it's hard to bear the hunger and thirst of others. For a new play, the effect on the audience is perfect. Besides the perfect ratings, the characters are also perfect.

Fengqi's role is enchanting and charming, which makes women's charm play infinite. Fengxuan's role is full of pomp. Two characters with obvious differences are in place by Lin Jing. Of course, this is also because Lin Jing has been in the film and television circle for many years to achieve the effect. But Lin Jing's two characters, even Yang Mi's popularity, are covered.

One of the things that Yang Mi could be mocked by the crowd in the early days was the hairline. The characters in "whirlwind" obviously changed the hairline. It seems that Yang Mi didn't want her hairline to be the focus. But even if the hairline is modified, there are still some deficiencies in the modeling of the play. Compared with the role played by Lin Jing, there are some deficiencies.

I don't know if these two people are wearing the wrong clothes. The protagonist has been compared. But Lin Jing's outstanding role, in fact, is not this time. The earlier role of Ding Minjun in the story of relying on the sky to kill the dragon also impresses the audience.

but compared with the present, Lin Jing at that time lacked an amazing temperament.

Although the beauty and career are higher and higher, but the early years of Lin Jing also experienced misfortune. At that time, I gradually had some savings because of my participation in film and TV plays, and then I started a trading company with my friends, but I didn't expect to be cheated by my friends for three million yuan. But it is after this experience that Lin Jing's career can be realized, because her mind is more focused on the role!