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Which majors do women in science choose in 2018? How do women in science fill in their wishes in 201

Which majors do women in science choose in 2018? How do women in science fill in their wishes in 2018 2018 college entrance examination results are published. Next, students are faced with the problem of filling in the application form, choosing major and school. Choosing a good major means that there will be a good employment prospect. So what major do 2018 science girls choose? Let's have a look.

Which majors can science girls choose to work in

For Science girls, if you want to find a good job in the future, the major of salary is construction, civil engineering, electronic circuit, computer, transportation. But high wages come at a price. Civil engineering and transportation are not suitable for girls. Electronics and computers are too tired to recommend. You have art skills. You can choose architecture.

If girls in science want to test for civil servants in the future, then economic management, Marx (too unsuitable, only civil servants), humanities, law, landscape design and public management are all good choices. Food major, computer, construction, civil servants also have a certain proportion. However, the civil servants are under great pressure of competition and it is difficult to take the exam. If the humanities and law can't pass the examination, it's hard to find a job. Economic management is a good choice for Science girls.

How to apply for college entrance examination

Girls majoring in science don't like engineering or mechanical fields very much. Girls majoring in science generally like language, finance, design and journalism.

Girls in science can apply for a rational or liberal arts major. They won't have too much trouble when they study. If they apply for a rational major in liberal arts, they will be in trouble. They have to learn all kinds of knowledge lost in high schools, such as physics and chemistry. So girls in Science can choose according to their love and their best subjects, such as Chinese and English. They can choose Major in Chinese, normal school, journalism and foreign languages.

If the girls majoring in mathematics are good at science, they can choose the major of finance, economy and accounting. If the physics is good, they can choose the major of machinery. If the biology is good and they like it, they are advised not to choose the major of biology, because employment is difficult.