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Health care products: jellyfish skin is delicious and nutritious

Four seas network: jellyfish skin is known as a health care product. Jellyfish contains a variety of nutrients needed by the human body, with the functions of expanding blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. So how to eat jellyfish is delicious and nutritious?

Jellyfish is delicious and nutritious

Jellyfish skin is a relatively common seafood product, which is usually pickled. The jellyfish skin bought home can be divided into two categories: dry and fresh. How to make jellyfish skin nutritious and delicious? This problem must have puzzled many housewives. How to make it a delicious food on the table will test your skills. Today, I'll teach you how to deal with this kind of strange seafood. Make delicious and nutritious dishes with it and give them to your family.

Sweet and sour jellyfish

Cut the cleaned cucumber and radish into strips or small pieces (about a quarter of jellyfish), rub them with a small amount of refined salt to remove part of the salt and make them tough, then wash them with water for 1-2 times, drain the water, and soak them in sugar and vinegar for 1-2 hours. Make radish and cucumber taste sweet and sour. After soaking, take out the cut jellyfish and sugar vinegar and pour them into a hot pot. Stir fry for a while. Thicken the starch and thicken it into a paste. Then put it into a pan. The taste is sour and sweet, which is suitable for the elderly and children, and also fresh.

Braised jellyfish with tomato

Put the vegetable oil in the hot pot, pour the jellyfish which has been soaked, washed and bleached thoroughly and sliced into the pot, add a little ginger powder, sugar, yellow wine, onion powder and some soy sauce to taste and deodorize, then add the tomato which has been washed and sliced, and stir fry it with high heat. Moisten a small amount of starch and stir well. When the juice is thick, it can be eaten. It has the characteristics of strong fragrance and rich nutrition.

Jelly fish

This is a very common dish, and the method is relatively simple. First, see how to deal with jellyfish, take the jellyfish skin, soak it in water for 4-8 hours, and then fully wash away the impurities. When the thickness of the jellyfish skin increases and the area shrinks, you can start to cut it into filaments. After slicing, you need to wash it again with cold boiled water for 1-2 times, and then add some soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, sesame oil and a little Season with MSG, mix well, and serve. This dish is suitable for food, wine and food. It's cool and delicious.