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Too strong perfume, how to dilute perfume, how to judge too strong?

Perfume can keep the body fresh and fragrant, and love it very much. Different perfume will have different fragrance, some perfume will be lighter, some perfume will be more fragrant. So how heavy is perfume?

Perfume is too strong to add water. Perfume can add water.

1 can be used, but it may shorten the use time of perfume, because the water in perfume is distilled water without impurities. In addition, it is mixed in a certain proportion. There is usually alcohol in it. Dilution is generally determined by water and alcohol.

If you add water by yourself and there are impurities in the water, it will cause sundries and affect the use.

3, to solve the thick problem, when you buy it next time, you can buy EDT Eau De Toilette, or when you use it, spray the perfume into the air first, then dripping into the perfume and dripping the perfume particles on the body, it will not taste so great.

Perfume is too strong to dilute. If you accidentally spray too much perfume, there are ways to remedy it. If you spray a lighter perfume, you can use cotton ball to smear with alcohol and wipe it off quickly. But if you use perfume with stronger flavor, you can try mixing other smells, especially recommend citrus flavor, citrus can almost be mixed with any fragrance.

How to make perfume is too strong. AgnieszkaBurnett, the famous New York perfumes teacher, suggests that the most pleasant perfume concentration can be smelled close to you within 30 centimeters. If you can smell your perfume 1 meters away, it means your perfume is too strong. You can try to spray perfume in the air with perfume spray, and then go to perfume spray, so that the aroma will naturally fall on you. Some people are allergic to skin, so they may spray perfume on accessories or clothing. Men can spray on the inside of neckties or suits, while girls can spray on the inside of skirts. At the moment of walking, the fragrance will come out with the air flow. Or you can spray it on handkerchiefs and other things. As long as you take it with you, others can still smell the light fragrance from you.