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What are the disadvantages of eating meat?

Many of us have developed the habit of loving meat. Eating more meat is good and bad for us. Eating more meat can effectively help us replenish the protein we need in the body and effectively promote the development of the human body. But eating more meat may also increase our own high blood pressure, improve the probability of suffering from high blood sugar, and summarize the advantages and disadvantages of eating meat Go ahead.

the pigskin is sweet in taste, cool in nature, and has the function of nourishing yin and tonifying deficiency, clearing heat and promoting pharynx.

Scientists have found that regular consumption of pigskin or pig's hoof has anti-aging and anti-cancer effects. (pig skin contains a lot of collagen, which can slow down the aging of body cells. Especially for yin deficiency, internal heat, throat pain, low heat and other symptoms of patients better to eat. )

So, it does have the effect of beauty and anti-cancer. In fact, eating pork skin often is good for bodybuilding.

Principle: pork skin is rich in protein, of which glial protein accounts for about 65%. If the human body lacks glial protein, the skin will be dry and wrinkled. If you often eat pork skin, you can make it shiny. According to the analysis, the protein content of pork skin is 2.5 times that of pork, while the fat content is only 1 / 2 of that of pork. Collagen and elastin are the main components of the protein in the skin, of which collagen accounts for 85% of the protein in the skin

We should try to eat less meat, which can not only help us to supplement the nutrients we need, but also treat our own risk of high blood pressure and high blood sugar