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How to choose banana

Sihaiwang: banana is a very familiar fruit. Banana has a variety of health preserving effects. The most well-known one is to regulate the intestines and stomach. In this season, the resistance of many people's intestines and stomach will decline. Therefore, banana is very popular. How to pick out good bananas? Let's take a look with Xiaobian~

Banana is a common tropical and subtropical fruit, which is very popular. Our country is one of the oldest banana cultivation countries in the world. Now it is mainly distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Hainan and other places.

Due to the need of storage and long-distance transportation, bananas are usually picked after ripening. After they are transported to the retailer, they are treated at low temperature in the storage room. After they are naturally placed for 8-10 days, they will naturally mature. But some retailers are in a hurry to sell, so they will adopt the method of ethylene ripening. This requires us to be more careful in our selection.

How to choose bananas


The natural mature banana can smell a kind of fruit fragrance, while the ripening banana not only has no fruit fragrance, but also has peculiar smell.

Observe color and lustre

Generally speaking, a good banana feels shiny and golden. Some bananas may have a greenish exterior luster, but this does not affect the quality of bananas, because banana ripening is a process, and the greenish part is not fully mature, if there is little greenish green, it is OK. But it's not to say that the more perfect the luster is, the better the luster is. If the luster is more perfect, it may be an artificial ripening ingredient, which needs to be further screened.

The mature banana skin is bright yellow, with green at both ends. The fruit body is elastic and tastes soft and sweet. However, the green peel is easy to peel, the flesh is hard and astringent, and the raw banana is not sweet.

It's the skin of a banana

The skin of banana is intact. If it is damaged, it will affect its application. In addition, if you look at the skin, you may find that the banana skin has black spots, which is quite normal. Because in natural conditions, banana ripening is a process, each part may not be the same, and the ones with black spots may mature earlier. As long as there are no bad spots, they are suitable for practical use. The other is that the handle of banana is green, which is normal, because this part is the slowest to mature.

Look at the feel

The reason to see the hand feeling is to feel the maturity of banana by hand. This is not to promote the use of hands to pinch, because when a banana is pinched, it should be eaten as soon as possible, otherwise it is easy to start soft from the stressed place and then rot. Just pick up the banana and feel it. A good banana feels thick but not hard, and its maturity is just right. If it is too hard, it is not fully mature; if it is too soft, it has been mature for a long time, which may affect the taste.

Look at the banana handle.

When the banana stalk is about to fall off, or has already fallen off, it may have matured for a long time.

Try to eat

This process, if on-the-spot tasting, should be carried out with the consent of the filer; if in the supermarket, it is not suitable. But this is also an important step, because no matter how it looks, delicious food is the last word. Of course, there are different opinions on this, because everyone's tastes are different, and there is no unified standard. However, after peeling the banana, the good banana pulp should be complete, have a certain strength, and can smell the fragrance. If you smell something peculiar, you should pay attention to it.

If the skin is black and the flesh is soft, or the handle is black and shriveled, it is likely that it has started to rot and cannot be purchased. Bananas are hung in a cool and ventilated place after they are bought home. They can't be stored in the refrigerator.