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What is the best major for girls in 2018? 2018 is the best one for girls in the top ten Majors

What is the best major for girls in 2018? 2018 is the best one for girls in the top ten Majors the results of the 2018 college entrance examination have been published. Now we are faced with the problem of choosing a major and school. For many girls, it is not so easy to choose a major that suits them. Sometimes it is difficult to find a wrong job. What major is suitable for girls in 2018? Here is a collection of top ten majors that are most suitable for girls. Let's have a look.

High salary for civil aviation management

Junior high school graduates have higher salaries in civil aviation management. In recent years, China's civil aviation industry has developed rapidly. Yang Yuanyuan, director of CAAC, proposed at the national civil aviation working conference that by 2020, China will add more than 2600 aircraft, and CAAC will invest more than 500 billion yuan in airport construction. However, there is a huge talent gap in the civil aviation industry, for which many private airlines have launched a talent war with high salaries. The average annual salary of excellent flight attendants of mainstream domestic airlines is several hundred thousand yuan, while that of foreign airlines is higher.

Network communication major

According to the statistics of China Internet Information Center, by the end of December 2011, the number of Internet users in China had exceeded 500 million, reaching 513 million, with an increase of 55.8 million Internet users throughout the year. Compared with the end of last year, the Internet penetration rate increased by 4 percentage points to 38.3%.

Wide employment in Business Administration

Junior high school graduates have a wide range of employment in business administration. According to the needs of China's rapid economic development, at least 350000 business management professionals are urgently needed. At present, only about 80000 people have practical qualifications, far from meeting the needs of the industry. Director Zhao said that in recent years, a large proportion of students from Beijing Institute of international economics and trade have signed up to study business administration. Junior high school graduates majoring in business administration can be engaged in marketing, enterprise management, international business, human resources and international logistics, etc., with a wide range of employment and high treatment in various industries.

Chinese and Western doctors in medicine sales

The global modern pharmaceutical technology industry continues to grow at a high speed, and the modern biotechnology industry has become the new international competition focus of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, the aging of population and the increasing affluence of people's lives make health care one of the most profitable professions in the early 21st century. Some experts pointed out that not only doctors and nurses, nutritionists, family nurses, vitamin manufacturers, massagists and acupuncturists will become hot jobs. At present, the monthly salary level of the pharmaceutical industry is between three to five thousand yuan, and it is expected that there will be a better salary level in four years. According to the forecast, the annual income is at least about 60000 yuan.

Small language

The demand for professionals who are proficient in Japanese, French, German and Spanish in the national employment market has doubled, and more than a dozen units have scrambled for a graduate. Beijing Foreign Studies University, university teachers, foreign enterprises and Sino foreign joint ventures, foreign trade companies, news media institutions, tourism companies, overseas study training institutions, cultural communication companies, etc. Generally speaking, the differences in employment forms of small languages are mainly affected by three aspects: 1. The number of people learning a certain language; 2. The number and economic situation of countries speaking a certain language; 3. The relationship between China and these countries, including the geographical and political economic aspects.

Nursing major

Students majoring in nursing mainly study the related knowledge of Humanities and Social Sciences, basic medical knowledge, basic theoretical knowledge of prevention and health care, are trained in the basic theory, basic knowledge and clinical nursing skills of nursing, and have the basic ability to carry out overall nursing and community health services for service objects.

According to the relevant materials, the nursing specialty focuses on the cultivation of modern senior nursing talents, expecting them to become senior nursing talents with rich clinical nursing experience, independent judgment and research ability in the fields of nursing education, nursing management, clinical nursing, nosocomial infection control and nutritional support by the cultivation of theoretical knowledge and clinical practice. Female students who study nursing have joined a very good industry. At present, it is very well formed in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and the treatment is very good.

Personnel administration

Advantages: the major of personnel and administration is a suitable major for girls. The entry threshold is relatively low. As long as the short-term training is passed, generally any major can be engaged in an administrative post.

Disadvantage: due to the low threshold, the salary is a relatively low level, and the work of this position is generally complex and trivial. Impatient girls need attention.

Physical distribution management

Many colleges and universities have logistics management majors, but they usually focus on training management talents. However, the market has limited recruitment of management talents every year, more of them need to be engaged in operation at the grass-roots level. Therefore, logistics operators are particularly favored in the annual recruitment. At present, more advanced enterprises are gradually moving forward like zero inventory, which not only puts forward high professional requirements for logistics managers, but also requires the most direct logistics operators to have higher capabilities. Compared with logistics managers, the demand of logistics operators is greater. Therefore, graduates who have received professional logistics operation training are absorbed by relevant employers by virtue of their quick start and competence in all aspects of logistics operation.

Tour guide specialty

Advantage: tour guide major is also a girl's favorite major. Tour guide can play everywhere and get corresponding salary. It's a good major!

Disadvantage: because you need to live in a car for a long time, travel around and live in no fixed place, tour guide is also a more tired profession! Girls engaged in tour guide industry usually eat youth meals. If you are still young, you can be a tour guide, but can you still be a tour guide ten or twenty years later?

Software technology

Cultivate high-quality skilled professionals with the ability of software development, software testing, database management, etc. After graduation, he is mainly engaged in software development engineer, software testing engineer, database administrator, technical support and maintenance engineer, software sales and promotion personnel, etc.

Main courses: software engineering, C programming, Java programming, database technology and application, computer English, JSP, ASP and other professional courses, as well as higher mathematics, English and other public courses.