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The three kinds of women who are most easily betrayed by men

Whether a woman will be treasured is not really how good she is. On the contrary, the better a woman is, the more likely she is to be betrayed. Now let's see what three kinds of women don't do, don't be the women that let men let down at will!

1. Don't be a woman with a heart and a lung

Although it's said that two people should be sincere when they get along, it's not to let you expose all of yourself to each other. When the other party knows all about you, you will not be able to attract the charm of the other party. In this way, he will eventually choose to explore other women.

You need to know that women need to keep a sense of mystery, to let the other party ponder, to explore your different side of interest. So, women should not be women who dig their hearts and lungs. When doing things, they should not put themselves in the most humble position. As long as we don't harm others, we should consider ourselves in advance, rather than blindly considering each other's feelings.

Of course, two people can't get along without saying anything, especially when the other party wants to know something intentionally, it's better not to hide it, but it's better to simply take it with you. It's unnecessary to say all the details. Therefore, women must learn to keep the mystery of three.

2. Don't be a woman who gets hooked on the hook

In the face of a man's enthusiasm, women should not be confused by him at once. The other side simply said something good. Please watch a movie or have a meal together. I can't bear to wait for the other side to say that I like it, so I don't want it at all. Know that men are more interested in challenging things and are more likely to give up.

If he catches you as soon as he touches you, he will only feel that this kind of woman is too boring and will soon lose interest. Because things that are too easy to get are never treated well. So, when a man flirts with you, women should hold on to it. First understand what kind of person the other person is, and then promise to get along with him.

3. Don't be a woman who always gives

When a woman faces a person she likes, she is always willing to do anything for him. Sometimes even her family or friends can betray her. In the process of getting along with each other, women are always in the position of dedication, which is not good at all. Because there is only one person to pay the feelings, it is not balanced.

So, women should not be the kind of people who always give, and occasionally learn to think more about themselves. Remember, sometimes it's colder, but it makes the other person feel different.

How can women be more attractive

1. Have a skill

The reason why many women are not attractive is not because they are ugly, but because they are not skilled. It's very common in front of all people. Others can't see her flash point, and there is no value worthy of others' attention.

So, women should learn to have a skill, such as writing well, showing off their calligraphy; for example, looking good, making themselves more refined; for example, singing well, when KTV get together, they should show their voice bravely.

2. Smile should not be forgotten

Women with smiles tend to attract more attention. Because the sweet and confident smile can heal people's hearts. Women who show a smile often make the opposite sex feel very sunny and want to actively contact. On the contrary, when a woman has a flat face and the opposite sex looks at her, they will surely think whether the woman is angry or not, it is better not to provoke her. So, a woman with a straight face always misses the chance to be accosted by a man.

So, in daily life, please show your smile. No matter who you are, as long as you meet every day, or say hello to the direction of you, you should smile and say hello, and learn to infect others with a smile.

How to maintain love

1、 Learn to communicate

It's very important to communicate in life. Don't love each other in the way you think. Maybe other people can't accept it at all. Just exchange more feelings, you will know what the other person is thinking, and you can maintain a relationship better. In addition, if there are misunderstandings and timely communication, it will be easy to solve the misunderstandings and not regret breaking up due to misunderstandings.

2. Don't break up easily

No matter how lovers quarrel, don't break up easily. This is especially true for girls. A couple of times may save each other, but they won't take it seriously when they have more times. Maybe one day they get tired of it and agree to break up. Even if you don't want to break up in your heart and say it in your mouth, it can't be saved. After all, what you say is like water splashed out.

3. Learn to find advantages and tolerate disadvantages

When falling in love, we must learn to find out his / her advantages and tolerate his / her disadvantages. After all, there are no perfect people in the world. We should learn to tolerate and accept. We should understand that love is not the truth of fantasy. We should face the imperfections in reality calmly, so that the two can go on for a long time.

4. To learn self affirmation

For our soul, emotion is a huge mirror. We can always find our 'traits' through our close partners. If we can't accept something ourselves, we can't expect our close partners to accept it, because it doesn't make sense emotionally. Self affirmation can bring many benefits, one of which is less estrangement in emotion, which means that it will bring more virtuous circle to love relationship.

5. Take good care of each other's preferences

Boys and girls like different things, but we must respect each other's preferences, and appropriately accompany each other to do something he likes but doesn't like to do, which will make each other very grateful to you, and will also make you happy by doing the same thing. Two people are together to be happy, why not?

6. Don't try to control each other

Be good at yourself. Love is not the whole of life. Don't pay too much attention to and interfere with each other's life. Don't compromise blindly and immerse yourself in moving yourself. Everyone needs a free and private space, no matter how close they are. To give others freedom is also a kind of respect for others. The so-called beauty of distance is the truth.

7. We have to give each other gifts for a long time

Don't think that two people have been together for a long time, put money and everything together, and buy whatever they want. In fact, in his heart, he still hopes that his girlfriend (boyfriend) will give him some small gifts from time to time, even a dollar doesn't matter. The key is to see his mind, especially in the festivals he (she) values very much.

8. Be romantic

There is romance in every girl's heart. They also hope that one day they can let their boyfriend take them to have a little romance. One time will be enough to make her aftertaste for a long time, so don't always let girls stay at home to cook and wash clothes. Even if they become resentful women, it can't be said that there is no man's responsibility!

9. To be content, to be happy

It is human nature to love beauty, both men and women. Must prevent in the rigid, the repetition housework and the day and night to get along with the insipid, before the marriage two people's mood and the ambition becomes vanishes. We should pay attention to the decoration, especially after the women become a family, we must not regard the dedication and sacrifice to the family as our only life significance and obligation, and ignore the pursuit of a richer life.

10. More sense of humor

Sometimes it really needs more courage to bear difficulties and the ability to control life. Humor in the family can reduce the psychological pressure, especially the humorous language in husband and wife's life, which can often arouse the emotional waves. Because humor is a symbol of perseverance, calmness, wisdom and ability, and a mediator of family conflicts.

What kind of psychological behaviors do men and women have in love and cohabitation

When a man and a woman fall in love and achieve their sweetness, they usually choose to cohabit. Cohabitation is different from marriage and is basically not protected by law. If they find that they are not suitable for each other after cohabitation, women are often more injured. Cohabitation is becoming more and more common, and the age of men and women is becoming younger and younger. Love and cohabitation of men and women, the original intention is good. Want to spend more time with each other and feel the existence of happiness. Many people who are going to get married think that love and cohabitation are the running in period of marriage. What kind of psychological behavior is cohabitation? Follow Xiaobian to have a look!

It is believed that in the early days of cohabitation, women are not easy to talk because they are afraid of being called sluts. Later, the women gave the opportunity to the men. Of course the man thinks. Even if a man uses a very pleasant and moving excuse (I want to watch you sleep every night, I want to wash your feet every night, etc.), but his heart is to facilitate the romantic world of the two, some girls will shyly agree, some girls will also refuse. In terms of spiritual love, girls still account for the majority. In order to pay for the time room and the romantic shopping, men rent a house and install a computer. Every day, they can surf the Internet, watch porn and watch porn with ml. what a convenience.

Irreversible trend of cohabitation

Russell said in the book marriage and morality that a man and a woman get married without sexual experience, just like a house buyer sees his house on the day of moving. In case it is not suitable, what should he do? With this mentality, unmarried cohabitation has become a choice for many young people before marriage from an unpleasant thing. Many people regard it as a battlefield to declare war on traditional marriage, claiming to experience the 'convenience' it brings: unmarried cohabitation of older young people can better understand each other and make their lives more economical; cohabitation of college students out of school is to solve sexual needs and find a home in advance; after divorce, middle-aged people, because they are very cautious about remarriage, use cohabitation to test each other's mind; In rural areas, there are many people who live together without marriage because they only recognize the wedding ceremony and don't care about the legal registration; there are also those who have ulterior motives, but their spouses still live together with others, just for a while.

The universalization of cohabitation is closely related to the loosening of marriage concept in the whole society. Especially after the first group of only children gradually entered the age of marriage, their marriage concept is more open and more casual, they no longer regard marriage as a sacred contract, do not want to be bound by the marriage relationship, and are afraid of the damage caused by the failed marriage. Although the family background is different, many people finally go to the same path: cohabitation before marriage. Professor Luo Huilan thinks: 'cohabitation is so common that the media should take some responsibility. Because today's film and television works exaggerate the phenomenon of divorce, domestic violence and emotional betrayal, and lack of the description of a long life together, which will make more young people fear marriage and choose to live together. '

How to manage marriage how to 'fall in love' in marriage

Maintain a sense of 'blind love'

When we fall in love with someone for the first time, we will adore even the road he has traveled, and we will feel that he is the most charming and intelligent person in the world. But after years of long-term relationship, we can still maintain a strong and lasting love. The most important thing is to maintain a feeling of 'blind love'.

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