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What are the functions of honey lemon tea

Speaking of lemon, the first thing I think about is whitening the skin. Recently, there are hot discussions on the Internet. Lemon slice and honey make water together. The effect of weight loss is particularly good. In fact, lemon honey has the effect of treating constipation, and weight loss is also effective, but don't overdo it, because there is a little damage to teeth and stomach. Today, let's talk about the effect of honey lemon.

lemon contains vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and other nutrients. In addition, it also contains rich organic acids, citric acid and high alkalinity. It has strong antioxidant effect, and is very effective in promoting skin metabolism, delaying aging and inhibiting pigmentation. Therefore, eating lemon can save us from aging and pigmentation easily.

Honey is a kind of natural nutriment, which contains high quality sugar, vitamins and minerals that can burn human energy. Honey has excellent bactericidal and detoxifying effects. It helps to discharge the waste accumulated in the body, improve the metabolism function of the whole body, and discharge the excess fat accumulated in the body due to poor consumption.

Lemon one, honey 500ml method:

1) Wet the lemon with water, smear a layer of salt on the surface, gently rub for a moment, rinse it with water, and cut off both ends of the lemon.

2) Cut the lemon in half, then slice it into thin slices, and put it into a clean glass bottle or a sealed bottle in the form of a layer of lemon and a layer of honey.

3) Tighten the cap and refrigerate it for 5-7 days. (the best drinking effect is when the skin is short of water in the morning or 3-4 p.m.)

The above content is the relevant introduction of the efficacy of lemon honey water. The method of lemon honey water soaking provided above has a good effect on the skin. It's good for replenishing water and whitening. Drinking persistently can also regulate constipation. In addition, it's necessary to choose fresh lemon, so that the taste and effect will be better.