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Can drinking water be boiled? Precautions for using drinking water machine

Four Seas network: the water dispenser is a device for quickly boiling water, which is very convenient to use. But many people find that the hot water in the water dispenser can't reach 100 degrees, right?

Can the drinking machine boil the water

1. After testing, we know that the temperature of the domestic water dispenser is generally between 81.5 ℃ and 99 ℃. In fact, the water temperature of natural gas water, electric kettle water and drinking fountain water used in our life can only reach the ideal temperature of 100 ℃ when natural gas water is used. However, the temperature of the other two ways can not reach 100 ℃. Of course, this is just an ordinary electric kettle and drinking fountain, which may have different brands and test results .

2. In fact, many people use the bottled direct drinking water machine. The quality of the bottled water itself is up to the drinking standard. Many people think that if the water in the water machine cannot be boiled, this idea is not applicable in the bottled water. The bottled domestic water dispenser we use is repeatedly heated, but the heating temperature can only reach 80 ℃, so as to achieve a good drinking experience. At the same time, because the water is not boiled, but the water quality is no problem, and it will not affect the human body. However, it should be noted that although the water is not opened in the process of repeated heating, the content of nitrite in the water will increase in the process of repeated heating. Although it does not meet the poisoning standard, it is not good for human body. Therefore, when using the domestic water dispenser, we must pay attention to timely drinking.

3. In fact, when the temperature in the water reaches 65 ℃, the bacteria in the water will sharply reduce. When the water temperature reaches 90 ℃ and 100 ℃, the difference in the bacterial content in the water is negligible, so this kind of water has little impact on the human body. But if you want to make oatmeal and tea, you'd better use boiling water, because this kind of food will be easier to dissolve food when using boiling water, and it will be easier for the human body to absorb some of the fast soluble food like lotus root powder and oatmeal when using boiling water. So, for the sake of our human body, it's better to drink boiling water often.

Precautions for use of domestic water dispenser

Although drinking water is very safe, the bottled water in the domestic water dispenser should be drunk within 15 days. For some boiled water in our life, we should also pay attention to drinking it in time. Because the oxygen content in the fresh water will be higher, and the domestic water dispenser itself has a very closed space for excrement, which is not cleaned for a long time, so it is easy to have bacteria breeding. ​​