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Introduction to points rules of 2018 Russia world cup group

The world cup, which is held every four years, has attracted worldwide attention. The competition is also in full swing. The editor will introduce the points rules of the 2018 Russia world cup group, and the group ranking will be arranged according to the following conditions:

1. Total points of group match;

2. The total net winning goal of group match;

3. Total goals in group match;

4. If the first three items of two or more teams are the same, the ranking of these teams shall be determined in the following order:

a) Points earned between relevant teams

b) Net wins between teams involved

c) Number of goals between related teams

5. Based on the red card and yellow card obtained by each team in the group match, the final fair competition score of each team and the ranking with high points are in the top position.

Yellow card: minus 1 point

Two yellow to one red: minus 3 points

Direct red card: 4 points reduced

First yellow card and then direct red card: reduce 5 points

6. By FIFA