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How to clean and maintain the central air conditioner? What is the cleaning procedure of central air

Sihai network: home central air conditioning has been accepted by more and more families. The central air conditioning is controlled by multiple internal units and one external unit. After a long time, the air outlet of the internal unit is easy to accumulate dust, pollute the air, affect the cooling effect, and harm the health. Usually, the air outlet of the indoor unit can be treated by itself, and it is usually cleaned once a month or two. The external machine, internal circulation and circuit control parts need to be cleaned by professionals. How to clean and maintain the central air conditioner? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

How to clean and maintain the central air conditioner?

The cleaning and maintenance of central air conditioning can be divided by time, and the "routine" maintenance every year is the best for 2-3 times (before the first use, every 1-2 months, before the storage of winter break).

Central air conditioning cleaning steps:

Observe whether the outdoor frame of the air conditioner is loose, and clean the foreign matters in the ventilation net cover of the outdoor unit. Then clean the enclosure and filter screen of the indoor unit, check the power supply circuit, plug and socket board, switch; check the condition of consumable parts, such as the air deflector, sterilization, dehumidification, photocatalyst and other parts, to ensure that the air conditioner is in good condition without abnormality.

The specific method is to take off the dust removal filter screen, use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the small dust, if there is more dirt, use warm soapy water to clean, and then use clear water to wash and dry. Remember, do not use a sponge to clean, otherwise it will damage the surface of the filter screen. After washing with clean water, dry with soft cloth or blow in the shade. Do not dry in the sun or in the open fire, such as the stove, to avoid deformation of the dust filter. During installation, make sure that the filter screen is fully placed in the normal gear.

In addition, the panel on the air conditioning shell is easy to collect dust, which can be cleaned regularly with non-woven cloth or soft skin, and scrubbed with neutral soapy water not more than 40 ℃. It is better to clean the outdoor unit once. If the air conditioner is not cleaned for a long time, it will not only reduce the cooling and heating effect, but also easily breed bacteria.

At present, the general central air conditioning suppliers in the market will provide one-year cleaning and maintenance clothes. There are also some companies specialized in cleaning central air conditioning, but due to the lack of uniform standards for fees, the central air conditioning cleaning industry has not achieved orderly development. The above central air conditioning cleaning and maintenance methods are very practical, consumers can complete at home, to ensure a good use efficiency of central air conditioning, but also extend its service life.