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What are the methods of cleaning and maintaining air conditioning? How to prevent air conditioning d

Four seas network: every year the hot summer comes, is the peak use of air conditioning. Due to the long-term use of air conditioning, there will be a lot of bacteria. A famous university has investigated the cleanliness of air conditioning, and the report shows that the highest bacterial content of air conditioning is more than 60 times that of toilet! Many people think that they can clean the air conditioning filter screen. In fact, a lot of dust, mold and mites are accumulated inside the air conditioning - this is also the source of most 'air conditioning diseases'. So how to maintain and clean the air conditioning has become an urgent problem. Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian~

Air conditioning maintenance pays attention to cleaning and Prevention

The cleaning and maintenance of the air conditioner directly affects the air cleanliness when the family uses it. For the sake of their own and family's health, let's see how to really take a bath for the air conditioner!

Cleaning priorities

From the outside to the inside, there are three major parts of the air conditioner that accumulate the most pollutants: (1) the body shell and exposed parts are the most vulnerable parts; (2) the filter screen cleaning is the most basic part of the core; (3) the evaporator and radiator cleaning, which is the most easily ignored and the most important part.

Shell and component cleaning

Use a soft cloth dipped in soapy water or professional detergent to wipe.

Filter cleaning

First, remove the filter screen according to the instructions, tap it gently or use the electric cleaner to remove dust; if there is too much dust on the filter screen, rinse it with water or wash it with a soft brush dipped in a neutral detergent.

Heat sink cleaning

Spray the radiator with special air conditioner cleaner for 2-3 times repeatedly, wait for 5 minutes (the cleaner and the radiator are in full contact for sterilization), then put back the filter screen, cover the panel, plug in the power supply, and run the refrigeration mode for 20-30 minutes. The condensate produced during refrigeration will help the cleaner to better dissolve dust and kill bacteria. The sewage produced will be discharged through the drain pipe without secondary pollution.

Classification processing

The air conditioner used in ordinary families mainly includes hanging air conditioner, cabinet air conditioner and central air conditioner. Different installation positions and product structures make slight differences and different difficulties in cleaning and maintenance. Of course, turning off the power supply of air conditioner is the same problem.

Generally speaking, the hanging air conditioner is the easiest to clean, and it's easy to take care of the three parts; the cabinet air conditioner is more troublesome, so it's necessary to find the heat sink in different positions according to the air conditioner style -- grid type cabinet air conditioner heat sink at the air outlet baffle, sliding cover type cabinet air conditioner needs to open the air conditioner first, wait for the sliding cover to slide down the normal air outlet, and then cut off the power and find the heat sink through the air outlet baffle of the air conditioner The central air conditioning system of central air conditioning and outdoor air conditioning is relatively complex, so it is recommended to ask a special cleaner to work.

Not only for human health, it is necessary to clean the air filter on the air conditioner regularly to maintain the good working performance of the air conditioner. Although many air conditioner products with self-cleaning function are produced on the market, generally speaking, the cleaning effect is better and more thorough without hands-on cleaning.