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Which school admitted a blind child in Shanghai with 623 points in the college entrance examination at 20:00 p.m. on June 23, the results of the unified cultural examination for college enrollment in Shanghai were announced. Scores have been announced, and parents of many high school students in Shanghai have been blown up by a piece of news. There is a blind child in the top ten of the college entrance examination in Shanghai. And it's just three points from the top, which is very encouraging news.

Before this year's college entrance examination, it was once said that all colleges and universities in Shanghai were open to blind students, which made teachers and Wang Yun's family very excited. Because Wang Yun's good grades have been very stable, it's very hopeful that they will 'rush' to Fudan University. Unfortunately, in the end, blind students can only apply to three universities in East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University and the second Engineering University. Therefore, when filling in the simulated volunteers before the examination, they are keen on studying history He chose the history department and English Department of East China Normal University.

After the examination scores were released, Wang Yun had not considered his application for the examination for the time being, because he has now put himself into the summer study plan he has formulated. Moreover, he is convinced that learning is a lifelong thing, and that university is only one of the stages. Therefore, the examination score is not so important, just a stepping stone to further study.

It is reported that Wang Yun inquired about his score of this year's college entrance examination - 623 points. Among them, 127 in Chinese, 145 in mathematics and 144 in English. Among the three selected chemistry, history and biology subjects, there are also two subjects with a + and one with a good score. It is understood that the form and content of the examination paper for blind students are formulated according to the teaching standards of special education. At present, Tsinghua University and other famous domestic universities have handed him olive branches.

Wang Yun's retina fell off due to premature birth and excessive oxygen intake. Wang chunrui, his father, recalled that at first the child had some vision. Until one day, Wang chunrui found that Wang Yun would walk into the wall at home, he found that the child's vision had been completely lost. This fact is cruel to parents. Unexpectedly, Wang Yun, who is only a few years old, comforted his parents in turn: 'it doesn't matter. Although I can't see it, I can be as capable as other children.

In order to give Wang Yun a better education, Wang chunrui and his wife visited blind schools in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou and other places, and finally chose to take Wang Yun to Shanghai school for blind children. It's said that because the students of Shanghai blind school can go to university, I didn't expect that the original choice now seems too wise.

Since the opening of Shanghai college entrance examination to blind children in 2002, there are about 56 candidates in Shanghai school for blind children every year, and the enrollment rate is quite high, close to 100%. So far, nearly 100 blind students have been admitted to universities.

This year's reference to two blind candidates and three low vision candidates have all significantly exceeded the undergraduate score line, which is due to their non 'special' Education in the school for the blind.

The development of Shanghai special education has also become a solid foundation for their growth. Since 2002, blind children took part in the college entrance examination, they have received a lot of attention. There are special examination rooms, Braille and large-scale test papers, the test extended time, equal access to education and college entrance examination, which has become a bright way for them to integrate into the society and the disabled.