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Pre match analysis of the strength of Spain vs Morocco in 2018 World Cup

Sihaiwang: at 2 a.m. on June 26, in the third round of group B of 2018 World Cup, Spain is playing Morocco at Kaliningrad stadium. This game Spain will start the final round of competition, for the most powerful Spain, can the team win the first straight out of the lock group? So Spain vs Morocco which team is stronger and which team will win? How many goals will Spain score against Morocco? Let's take a look at the history of Spain vs Morocco, which team is the best, which team will win the score forecast analysis~

Spain vs Morocco 1:02:0

Morocco is the only 32 teams in the world cup that didn't lose the ball in the preliminary competition. It can be seen that the defense level is not low. The recent two World Cup group matches are all a small loss, not the first Oolong ball, and may not be out so soon. Morocco's current ranking is only 48, and the gap between Morocco and Spain, which is No. 8, should not be small.

History of Spain vs Morocco

There were two games between the two teams, and Spain won, scoring four goals and losing two. The last fight dates back to 1962.

Spain Morocco world cup record

June 15 1st round of group B World Cup group match, Morocco 0-1 Iran

Spain 3-3 Portugal in group B round 1 of the World Cup group match on June 16

June 20 group B round 2 of the world cup, Portugal 1-0 Morocco

June 21 World Cup group B round 2, Spain 1-0 Iran

Competition analysis

Spain's unbeaten promotion: in the last round, Spain beat Iran 1-0 with a lucky goal from Costa to take the lead. Morocco, on the other hand, was out ahead of schedule after losing 1-0 to Portugal. Spain will play Morocco in the last round of the group match, and if the bullfighter team gets 1 point in the opponent, it will definitely be promoted.

Morocco fight for Honor: Although Morocco has been out of the game ahead of time in 2-2 defeats, they actually played very well in the first 2 rounds, but they were relatively lacking in one foot. In the case of early exit, the Moroccan players may be able to show better performance after unloading the burden. This is what Spain needs to pay attention to. They must not underestimate the match with Morocco.

Spain's two players are doubtful: Pepe Reina and Juan Pablo Monreale are absent from Spain's training on Saturday, they are all recovering in the gym, and they are likely to be absent from the match against Morocco. Kirk may replace Basque back to the starting and Busquets guard midfield, Costa will continue to be Spain's goal guarantee.