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How many anniversaries is the party building day in 2018

How many anniversaries is the party building day in 2018 we all know that July 1 is the party building day and the birthday of the Communist Party of China. Do you know how many anniversaries 2018 will be? Let's review the time and course of the party building.

2018 is the 97th anniversary of the founding of the party

The Communist Party of China, abbreviated as the Communist Party of China, was founded in July 1921. Since October 1949, it has been the only ruling party of the people's Republic of China that represents the working class to lead the alliance of workers and peasants and the united front and practices the people's democratic dictatorship in the mainland of China. The vanguard of the Chinese working class, the leading core of China's socialist cause, and the representative of the interests of the Chinese people of all ethnic groups. The Communist Party of China regards Marx Lenin doctrine, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory, the important thought of Three Represents, Scientific Outlook on Development and Xi Jinping's new era China characteristic socialism thought as their own action guide, and the ultimate goal is to realize communism social system.