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How to remove rust from white clothes

How to remove rust from white clothes in our life, we often encounter clothes that touch metal carelessly, leaving rust spots, but ordinary washing liquid and soapy water can't wash them. Here's how to tell you the effective common sense.

1. For the rust removal method of yoghourt, first wet the rust with water, then apply yoghourt and soap, and then clean it

2. 2% oxalic acid solution can be used to wash and remove it in about 50 ° C warm water, and then rinse it with clear water. Or use 3 to 4 vitamin C tablets to grind into powder, sprinkle it on the wet clothes, and then wash it with water for several times to remove rust stains

3. For vinegar derusting, soak the dirty place with boiling water, rub it repeatedly with vinegar, and wash it with boiling water after a few minutes.

4. After the clothes are stained with rust, squeeze some toothpaste on the rust, rub it gently for several times, and then rub it with clean water, and the rust can be removed (this article is edited by, reprinted and noted with the source, original link:

5. Squeeze the juice out of the fresh lemon, drop it on the rust, rub it with your hands until the rust spots are removed, or use 10% citric acid solution or 10% oxalic acid solution to wet the dirty place, then soak it in the concentrated brine, wash and rinse the next day.