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Live address of Belgium vs Tunisia live time of World Cup on June 23

At 20:00 p.m. on June 23, Beijing time, the second round of Russia's World Cup group match will continue. Belgium, the European red devils, will fight with Tunis, the top African team, at Spartak stadium in Moscow. In the first round of the group match, the two teams met with "sadness and joy", Belgium beat Panama 3 times and Tunisia lost 2-1 to England. Is it Belgium's winning streak or Tunisia's feeling of victory?

Nature of competition: group G round 2 of 2018 Russia world cup group match

Competition time: 20:00 p.m. June 23, Beijing time

Venue: Spartak stadium, Moscow

Live address: 5/

Historical achievements:

The two teams have played against each other three times in history. Belgium won 1-1, drew 1-1, scored 3 goals and lost 3 goals. The two sides are quite equal. In the history of the world cup, there was a match between the two teams. In 2002, the two teams drew 1-1.

What to watch:

Highlight 1: Belgium's winning streak

In the first group match, Belgium beat Panama 3-0 to win, ranking first in the group with the advantage of the net. If Belgium beat Tunisia again in this game, Belgium may be ahead of schedule and lay a solid foundation for competing for the first place with England. Belgium has never lost to an African team in the past three world cups, which is Belgium's advantage.

Highlight 2: Tunisia's 12 World Cup defeats?

Since Tunisia beat Mexico 3-1 in the world cup in 1978, it has failed to win one of the last 12 World Cup games 4-8. In the world cup, 12 consecutive games were unbeaten, ranking second to last in the World Cup team, only South Korea 14 consecutive games were unbeaten than Tunisia. Whether the African giants can beat Belgium to end the embarrassing record is worthy of attention.

Highlight 3: Lukaku's impact record

In the history of Belgium National team, in the European Cup and the world cup, the player who scored the most goals was selamens, who scored six goals. At present, Lukaku has scored five goals in the European Cup and the world cup. If he scores again in this game, he will catch up with or surpass selamens' record.

First round forecast:

Belgium (343): kurtuva / aldereld, boyata, wiltonghen, Munier, debrunay, vitsell, Carasco, Azar, Mertens, Lukaku

Tunisia (4141): Ben Mustafa, bronn, Yusuf, malih, mallor, Sri, Ben Yusuf, Sisi, Badri, Sri, hazri

Belgium vs Tunisia: 2-0, 1-1