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How to make old Beijing Sanzi twist

Zazi twist is a special snack in Beijing. It can be found everywhere on the street, but can it be made at home? Is it complicated? In fact, it's very simple. Let's see how to make Sanzi twist.

The practice of Sanzi twist

Raw materials: flour, alum, alkali noodles, sugar, sweet osmanthus, warm water, sesame seed, etc.

Production method:

1. Grind alum, alkali noodles, white sugar, sweet osmanthus and warm water with mallet, then pour in flour and make dough, knead until dough is smooth and non sticky, brush a layer of peanut oil for half an hour to make dough into round strips.

2. Remove the agent, rub it into a long strip about two inches long, dip it in water and sesame seed, cover it with wet cloth, take another 40 minutes to take a small strip and rub it into a thin strip about one foot two inches long and two halves in diameter, and fold it into two pieces from the middle, pinch the two ends together and put it horizontally, then take a small strip to make the same shape.

3. Immediately squeeze the two ends together, stretch them to one foot and two inches long, and fold them in half from the middle, so that the left side of one end is pressed on the right side of the other end, and then gently squeeze them together. That is to say, fried Sanzi twist blank with peanut oil until golden.