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The method and effect of burning fairy grass

Burning fairy grass is one of Taiwan's famous snacks. It is cold and sweet, heat clearing and detoxifying. Eating burning fairy grass in summer can make people feel peaceful, cool and clear of fire. It also has some beauty effects. Next, let's learn how to make it with Xiaobian.

How to burn Xiancao

How to burn Xiancao

Raw materials: 1 liter of burnt fairy grass liquid, 1.5 liter of water, 300 grams of granulated sugar.

Ingredients: 30g Taibai powder, 0.5L water.


1. Mix the cornstarch and water in the sauce material and mix well, then reserve.

2. Take a spoon, pour in the liquid and water, mix and stir well, then burn in medium heat.

3. Stir and add in the sugar until it dissolves. Continue to cook until it boils again.

4. Remove bubbles floating on the water with a spoon.

5. Pour the sauce of method 1 into the material of method 4 while stirring. Turn off the fire after water? L.

6. Take a small bowl, put the cooked herbs into the bowl, and then add the ingredients.

Brief introduction of burning fairy grass

Xiancao is a special snack of Han nationality in Fujian and Taiwan. In addition to its popularity in Taiwan, Xiancao is popular in Southeast Asia, and now it has entered the mainland. Xiancao is an annual herb, similar to mint leaves in green and compact shape, which is often seen in low-altitude foothills. A long time ago, because of the inconvenience of transportation, people came in and out by their legs. It was easy to get heatstroke when they were on the way in hot weather. A doctor gave a kind of grass plant with special fragrance to passers-by. After eating it, people felt refreshed and recovered quickly. People think that this kind of grass with miraculous effect is given by the immortal, so it is named 'Fairy grass'.

The authentic Taiwan roasted fairy grass is cooked with fairy grass dry and slow fire, plus special edible starch, without any additives, cool to remove fire, antipyretic, suitable for all ages.