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How to make the wife cake why there is no wife in the wife cake

Why there is no wife in the wife's cake? The wife's cake is a kind of characteristic traditional famous spot in Chaozhou area of Guangdong Province, which is made of sugar and wax gourd, wheat flour, cake flour, caramel, sesame and other raw materials. Today, I'm going to teach you how to make wife cakes.

What are the types of wife cakes?

How to make a wife's cake

1. Minced winter stuffing

Select the grey old winter melon, peel and remove the seeds, steam in the cage, take it out and beat it into a paste with a blender, wrap it with gauze and squeeze out the water, put it into a hot pot with a little lard, stir fry it constantly with sugar, then hook up a certain amount of Gorgon according to the degree of dryness and thinness to make it thicker, finally add the ripe seeds, sesame seeds, etc. and mix them evenly, then start the pot and cool to make the paste. Of course, you can also use the wax gourd sugar to replace the wax gourd antler to make filling, which is easier to make: stir the wax gourd sugar into the antler, rub it together with lard and Chaozhou powder (stir fried glutinous rice flour), and finally add the ripe melon seeds and sesame seeds to mix it.

2. Making leather

The cake skin of the wife cake belongs to the pastry skin, which is composed of oil core and water oil skin. Its water and oil skin is made of 450 g of low gluten flour, 100 g of high gluten flour, 7 g of baking powder, 1 egg, 10 g of lard, and a proper amount of water; while the oil core is made of 450 g of low gluten flour, 350 g of cream and 550 G of lard.

3. Baked with stuffing

The pie crust is made by the method of small open and crisp. Take a small piece of water and oil crust, wrap a small piece of oil core, roll it into a tongue shape after flattening, then roll it into a cylinder from the outside to the inside, press it flat, fold it into three layers, and finally roll it into a round piece, then the filling can be formed. The biscuits should also be made into a flat circle, and two small cuts should be made on it with a knife (mainly to avoid the skin breaking due to the swelling of the filling during baking), then the egg liquid should be brushed, the sesame seeds should be sprinkled, and baked in the oven for about 10 minutes, and the fragrant wife cake is made.

What are the types of wife cakes

Low sugar wife cake

Ingredients: 500 grams of flour, 200 grams of lard, 125 grams of water, 50 grams of cooked noodles, 40 grams of fat meat, 80 grams of coconut milk, 80 grams of peanuts, 60 grams of sesame seeds, 60 grams of pork rows, 50 grams of preserved fruit, 60 grams of wolfberry fruit, and an appropriate amount of essence.

1, mix the cooked flour, sugar, fat grain, peanut kernel, sesame seed, row fork, medlar, preserved fruit, lard 50 grams, essence together into a filling.

2. Use 125g lard to rub 250g flour into dry pastry; use 25g lard to add water, and then knead the remaining flour into dough.

3. Wrap the dry pastry into the dough and roll it into a rectangular sheet. Roll it up along the length, pull the dough into two pieces per 50g, wrap the dough into sugar free stuffing according to the flat shape, tighten the mouth of the dough into a bun shape, roll it into a round cake with a diameter of about 5cm according to the flat shape, brush the egg liquid on the surface, and use a toothpick to tie the small hole.

4. Put the biscuit into the baking tray, put it into the oven and bake it slowly until the biscuit is drum up, and the surface is golden.

Macao wife cake

Ingredients: Pastry material: 200g low flour, 60g lard, 40g sugar, 100g water (do not add all the water in one time, but add it almost to the feeling), pastry material: 120g low flour, 60g lard; filling material: 120g glutinous rice flour, 120g sugar, 180g water, 60g salad oil, 40g cooked sesame.

Internal filling: put sugar, water and salad oil in the pan over medium and small heat until the water is turned on and turned off. Add glutinous rice flour and sesame seeds and mix them. This is a good internal filling. It will be sticky. Mix them with a shovel and spread them evenly. Refrigerate them for 30 minutes and the oil skin will be ready.

A brief introduction to the wife cake

Wife cake is one of Guangdong Chaozhou moon cakes, which uses the least materials, has the simplest workmanship and is well known by people. Thin skin and thick filling, soft and smooth filling, sweet but not greasy taste, is indeed a good dessert, but its most attractive place lies in its warm name and the touching legend. If a single man eats a sweet wife cake every day, he will definitely increase his determination to find another half as soon as possible.