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How long can salted duck eggs last

Just after the Dragon Boat Festival, there are still a lot of salted duck eggs left at home. How can salted duck eggs be preserved? How long can salted duck eggs be preserved? How can salted duck eggs be preserved for longer? I think you are most concerned about these problems, so let's have a look with Xiaobian.

How long is the shelf life of salted duck eggs

The shelf life of salted duck eggs depends on the storage conditions. If the salted duck eggs are salted at home, they can be preserved for about 9 months at room temperature (in summer, if they are preserved at room temperature, the shelf life will be shorter, generally about 3 months). If they are refrigerated, they can be preserved for 12 months.

If the vacuum packed salted duck eggs bought in the supermarket are generally about three months, please refer to the product manual for the specific shelf life.

If the boiled salted duck egg is polluted at the end of cooking (that is, put it into a fresh-keeping bag and seal it when it's hot), it can be put for 20 days under 10 ℃ and 10 days under 20 ℃, and it can only be put for 5 days when it's close to 30 ℃, so it doesn't need to be re boiled. If it is put in the refrigerator and refrigerated at 0-2 ℃, it can be put on for about 60 days. If it has been cut for up to four or five days, it must be eaten as soon as possible, and it will deteriorate after a long time.

How to keep salted duck eggs for a long time

Different cuisines have different preservation methods, so what are the preservation methods of salted duck eggs? In fact, the preservation methods of food are related to the weather and production methods. Different production methods have great changes in the preservation methods, so we need to know a lot of knowledge when we need to preserve a food.

1、 If it is hot in summer, you can put it into the refrigerator and store it in the cold room. Pay attention not to freeze it. The frozen duck eggs are not delicious. It is usually placed in the upper freezer.

2. If it is cold in winter, you can put the duck eggs in a dry and ventilated place. Don't put it in the sun. Choose a cool place. For example, at the top of the kitchen storage cabinet, under the stairs and so on.

3. For salted eggs salted with salt water, it is not suitable to soak them in the salting pot for a long time before they are cooked. Take out the raw salted eggs and dry them before they are put back into the salt water. Take them as you eat, so that the cooked salted eggs will not go bad for a long time and the duck eggs will not become saltier.

4. If the salted eggs are salted with mud, the mud skin should be kept moist, and the duck eggs can be moistened with a wet cloth regularly, and placed in a cool place, so as to ensure that the duck eggs are not bad for half a year.

5. It can vacuum the cooked duck's eggs to ensure a long time. This requires special equipment. If there are more duck eggs, you can go to a nearby processing factory for vacuum treatment.