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What year did China enter the world cup

What year did China enter the world cup

Haige entertainment news most people know that although the world cup is a feast of global football, it seems that it has no chance with the Chinese people, so someone has to ask, has China ever entered the world cup? In fact, we have entered the world cup. What year is China entering the world cup? Let's take a look at China's past World Cup achievements.

China's first appearance in the world cup was the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, but it lost all three games and lost nine goals without scoring. Only because Saudi Arabia's national football team lost all three games in another group and lost 12 goals without scoring, it was exempt from the bottom of the top 32.

China's past World Cup results

1930 - 1954 - not participated

1958 - peripheral out

1962 - 1978 - not participated

1982 - 1998 - all the peripheral games out

2002 - the first time to reach the World Cup finals, the final 32 (eliminated in the first round of group competition)

2006 - peripheral out

2010 - peripheral out

2014 - peripheral out