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Why do you eat eggs on Dragon Boat Festival? What's the meaning of eating eggs on Dragon Boat Festiv

There are many traditional foods in the Dragon Boat Festival. The most common ones are zongzi and salted duck eggs. In addition to these two kinds of places, they also eat eggs. Why do they eat eggs? What's the meaning of eating eggs? I'm interested in learning about it with Xiaobian.

Why eat eggs on Dragon Boat Festival

Like zongzi, salted duck egg and realgar wine, egg is also an important food of the Dragon Boat Festival. The nutritional value of eggs is high. Therefore, eating eggs at the Dragon Boat Festival is a good wish for people to stay away from disease.

It's said that eating eggs gives birth to heart. Because the shape of the egg is like the heart, it is generally believed that eating the egg can protect the heart and spirit from loss. On the one hand, the purpose of eating eggs on the Dragon Boat Festival is to make good luck and pray for a year without getting sick. On the other hand, it is to improve life. Eating eggs on Dragon Boat Festival represents endless good wishes. It's said that it's very lucky to play the game of bumping eggs before eating boiled eggs, and the winner will have good luck.

In some parts of China, there is also the custom of "rolling eggs" on Dragon Boat Festival. This morning, the old man would roll back the boiled eggs on the child's belly, and say 'baozi eats eggs, disaster star goes away'. Before eating eggs, children usually have to take out their own boiled eggs to compare their size, and collide with each other to compare whose eggshells are hard and interesting.

In addition, it is said that washing your face with boiled egg water on this day won't be bitten by mosquitoes for a year, and because the egg is like the heart, people think that eating eggs can protect the heart and spirit from loss. In addition, due to the poor living conditions in the early years, it is more luxurious to eat eggs. Apart from the elderly, children, puerpera and the injured, the day when ordinary people can eat a few eggs is probably Dragon Boat Festival.

The meaning of eating eggs on Dragon Boat Festival

In the ancient dragon boat festival, eating eggs was to pray for health and improve life. So this custom continues to this day, so we should not forget to eat eggs in addition to zongzi!

About the folk custom of eating eggs at Dragon Boat Festival, there is a legend: long ago, there was a god of plague in the sky. Every year, the Dragon Boat Festival always sneaked to the folk to sow disease and hurt people. Most of the victims were children. The light ones were feverish and anorexic, the heavy ones were bedridden. As a mother, she was very distressed about this. She went to Nvwa Niangniang Temple to burn incense and kowtow one after another, begging her to relieve the disaster and bring down the blessings and bless the future generations.

When Nu Wa knew this, she went to the God of plague and said, "I will never allow you to hurt any of my own children in the future. 'when the plague God knew that Nuwa had boundless power and dared not fight against her, he asked:' I don't know how many legitimate children are there in the lower world of the mother? 'Nuwa said with a smile:' I have many children, so on this day of Dragon Boat Festival every year, I order my legitimate children to hang an egg bag in front of their lapels. No child with egg bags is allowed to come here. '

At the Dragon Boat Festival of that year, the God of plague went down again. There was a small net bag with boiled salted eggs on the chest of the children. The God of plague thought that they were all Nu Wa's children, so he dared not do harm to others. In this way, the custom of eating eggs at Dragon Boat Festival gradually spread.

Benefits of eating eggs on Dragon Boat Festival

1. Brain and intelligence: eggs have a great effect on the development of nervous system and body. Choline in them can improve the memory of all age groups.

2. Protect the liver: the protein in the egg can repair the damage of liver tissue, and the lecithin in the egg yolk can promote the regeneration of liver cells. It can also increase the amount of human plasma protein, enhance the metabolism function and immune function of the body.

3. Anti aging: one of the experiences of many long-lived people is to eat an egg every day.

4. Cancer prevention: Based on an analysis of cancer mortality worldwide, it has been found that cancer mortality is inversely proportional to selenium intake. Eggs are rich in selenium.