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Emotional Dictation: my mother-in-law doesn't like her daughter to punish her like that

Married and had a son

After I got married, my husband had a daughter and a son three years later. When the first child was born, because it wasn't a man, my mother-in-law didn't even look at it at all. Occasionally, she sneered and said that it was no use giving birth to a daughter. It wasn't a loss. When she raised her daughter and made money, she gave it up. Even if my husband and I have to go out sometimes, she won't help me take my daughter for a while.

I remember that when my daughter was only a few months old, my husband and I had to go back to my mother's house to help my mother-in-law remember to go into the room to change her diapers and feed her milk. My mother-in-law said yes, but I went to my mother's house and left for about four or five hours. I didn't feel relieved to call her mother-in-law and ask her how her daughter was. Her answer is: 'I don't know. She didn't cry again. I didn't go in to see it. I think it's OK. 'my husband and I thought more and more uneasy. We hurried home. Our daughter's diapers were dirty and smelly. Fortunately, our daughter didn't cry. We enjoyed ourselves in bed. Since then, I have never dared to leave my daughter at home to my mother-in-law.

The daughter grows up gradually. She has a good character in all aspects. She is kind and clever, and she is not noisy at all. But even so, she can't get a little love from her mother-in-law. When my son was born, my father-in-law and mother-in-law were too happy. My mother-in-law was scrambling to hold her son, but she still ignored my daughter. My daughter was afraid of my mother-in-law and did not dare to play with her.

My daughter is old now. Sometimes when I go out, she can take care of herself. I don't take her with me. Son, anyway, my mother-in-law likes to take it, so I don't have to worry about it. But the scene of coming home last week made my mother's heart ache for a long time. I wanted to send something back to my mother's house that day, but when I went downstairs, I found that I forgot to take my mobile phone with me, so I went home to take it. When I opened the door, I saw my daughter lying on the ground with her hands on the ground and her head on the ground, with tears on her face. I thought it strange to let my daughter get up and ask her why.

At first, my daughter sobbed and didn't dare to say. I took her out to play with me, but she said that she would go to grandma's house. At my mother's house, she could tell the truth. She wanted to go into the room to see her brother and play with him, but he cried all the time. My mother-in-law rushed to see him, thinking that it was my daughter who bullied him, scolded her, told her not to touch his brother in the future, and asked her to go to the corner to do that action. Before she said stop, she could not stand up, or she would hit her.

Mother in law doesn't like girls

I was so angry that I shivered. I didn't expect my mother-in-law didn't like girls, even though it was a family, and it was only a few-year-old baby. My mother-in-law actually treated a child like this. Moreover, my daughter said it was not the first time! If they are the only ones at home, my mother-in-law will make her daughter stay in the same place in the way of corporal punishment in order to let her not get into trouble.

I'm really angry and heartbroken. My own flesh and blood have been treated like this by my mother-in-law. But what can I do? My husband has been on a business trip recently. He said that we should support each other. I really don't want to make trouble for him. I really hate it now. I don't know how to do it.


Children can be sent to kindergartens when they are three years old. If they are not, they can also be sent to kindergartens. Don't leave them at home. Your mother-in-law, a patriarchal old man, really doesn't know what can't be done.

Besides, you can talk to your mother-in-law and ask her not to punish your daughter. She is also a woman. Why do you dislike women so much? The shadow of corporal punishment may affect a child's life and make her feel insecure. For the youngest son, we should not overindulge, otherwise, we can develop a unique way of life from childhood, and it is difficult to adapt to society when we grow up. You can tell your mother-in-law clearly and tell her that if you continue to spoil your little grandson and punish her physically, you can only take your child and live separately with her. In order to prevent her from suing your husband afterwards, you can record it quietly while talking.

Warm tip: in love, we still need to treat ourselves well. Too many things are not worth your sorrow. It is important to love your daughter well.