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The origin of wearing colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival

The custom of wearing multicolored rope has a long history. Since I was a child, I have a memory that I found these multicolored threads on my wrists and ankles when I got up on the day of Dragon Boat Festival. What's the origin of wearing multicolored threads and what's the stress? Interested friends and Xiaobian come to have a look.

The origin of wearing colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival

The custom of wearing colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival has a long history. It is said that it originated in the Han Dynasty. Up to now, this tradition still exists in many places. Children wearing colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival means to drive away demons and avoid evil, and they can pray for good luck.

Dragon Boat Festival is the most important festival in summer. Generally speaking, it is believed that the origin of Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan, an ancient patriotic poet, who threw himself into the Guruo river. But there is another saying: Dragon Boat Festival originates from the taboo of evil days (also known as "poison days"). Because it's the May of the lunar calendar, which is the season of epidemic in midsummer. It's commonly known as the "evil moon" (also known as the "poison moon"). Dragon Boat Festival is also known as the "evil day", which is the traditional festival of "elimination of all pests and all poisons". In view of the evil moon in May, the people have taken active preventive measures. Until now, from many customs of the Dragon Boat Festival, we can find traces of expelling evil spirits and avoiding poison. The multicolored lines symbolize the multicolored dragon, and the multicolored lines can subdue the demons and ghosts. People like to tie colorful threads on children's wrists (left for men and right for women), commonly known as the "long life line", in order to pray to suppress evil and avoid poison, and live for a hundred years.

The custom that the Dragon Boat Festival is a colorful rope originated in the Han Dynasty, and it has not declined up to now. People regard colorful rope as "colorful dragon", Dragon Boat Festival is also known as "children's Day", and may is known as poison moon by the ancients. Tying colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival means to protect children from evil spirits. The five colored rope washed away with the water will become a little dragon and take away the bad things from you. In this way, worry and sorrow will flow away with the rain, which will bring you a year of good luck.

What's the point of wearing colorful rope on Dragon Boat Festival

1. Before the sun came out on the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, the adults got up and tied the Dragon Boat Festival line on the wrist, ankle and neck of the sleeping children. In some places, multicolored ropes can be worn the night before.

2. When tying the colorful rope, the child cannot speak, and after wearing it, the child cannot arbitrarily tear or discard the colorful rope.

3. It wasn't until July 7, the seventh mother's birthday that they were released and burned. Some places are the first rain after the Dragon Boat Festival. Pick it and throw it into the river, let it wash away with the rain.

5. Five color lines are made of five colors of lines. Five colors are not just the five colors you choose. They must be green, white, red, black and yellow. These five colors represent wood, gold, fire, water and soil, and also represent the East, West, South, North and middle. They contain five magic powers, which can drive away evil spirits, get rid of diseases and strengthen your health and longevity 。

6. Dragon Boat Festival wear five color rope to 'male left female right' mainly, can be tied on the neck of the hand, can also be tied on the neck of the foot, can avoid five poisons, people do not have plague.

How to weave colorful rope for Dragon Boat Festival

1、 Prepare colorful string

2、 Circle your hand and measure the length of your wrist

3、 Find the position you think is suitable for, and hold the position when you find it

4、 Take this position as the middle point, mark a distance between the two fingers, and then hold one finger and twist the line in one direction with the other finger

5、 Then combine the two fingers together, and the twisted line in the middle will automatically wind

6、 Tie a knot so that the clasp of the bracelet will be fine

7、 Hold the remaining thread and button with two fingers. Hold it in the little thumb of one hand, and then twist the lines outward together, just like taking these lines as the axis and wrapping the two lines of the selected color

8、 After wrapping, tighten it, push it towards the button, it will form this shape. Finally, choose according to the size of your hand, and then tie the knot

9、 Finally, according to the size of their own hands, and then knot