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How to make the best bean curd

Sihaiwang: dried bean is one of the favorite ingredients in the common people's home. Very common. And dried bean is really too much food, dried bean method of the family, like to eat dried bean friends do not hesitate yo.

The practice of dried bean

1. Dried bean and lettuce leaves

Main ingredients: lettuce leaves (right amount), dried beans (tofu skin, thick shutters) (right amount), carrots (right amount)

Seasoning: white pepper (right amount), soy sauce (right amount), sesame oil (right amount)


1. Wash lettuce leaves and blanch them in boiling water

2. Drained and chopped

3. Wash the dried beans, blanch them in the boiling water pot, cut them into small cubes with drained water

4. Mix the lettuce leaves and dried beans, add some white pepper, sesame oil and soy sauce, mix well

5. Sprinkle with diced carrots and decorate with bright colors for appetite

6. It's refreshing, nutritious and delicious. It's so fresh.

2. Stir fried bean curd with pepper and hemp

Main ingredients: dried bean (100g), sweet pepper (1)

Seasoning: chicken powder (right amount), sugar (right amount), garlic (right amount), shallot (right amount), soy sauce (right amount), rice vinegar (right amount), pepper oil (right amount), sesame oil (right amount)


1. Wash and shred dried beans and red peppers respectively

2. Chopped garlic, chopped shallot

3. Boil the water in the pot, dry the beans first, then blanch the red peppers

4. Take out the drain and put it on the plate

5. Seasoning taste varies from person to person: soy sauce, salt, sugar, rice vinegar, pepper oil, sesame oil, garlic powder, chicken powder, chopped scallion

6. A delicious bean curd is ready. Now you can enjoy it on the table

3. Steamed dried bean with towel gourd

Main ingredients: Luffa (1 piece), dried bean (150g)

Seasoning: chopped pepper (2 spoons), olive (1 spoonful)


1. Prepare towel gourd, dried bean, chopped pepper, olive.

2. Change the towel gourd and dried bean into knives and put them in the bowl.

3. Drizzle with chopped peppers and olive.

4. Steam until cooked. (I cook and steam)

5. After steaming, mix until the ingredients are tasty.

4. Fried bean paste with minced meat

Ingredients: soybean paste (200g), sweet noodle paste (150g), dried tofu (150g)

Seasonings: vegetable oil (2 tablespoons), rock sugar (2 tablespoons), cinnamon (1 small piece), Xiangye (2 pieces), clove (2 pieces), onion (right amount), ginger (right amount), prickly ash (1 small spoon), star anise (1 piece), cooking wine (1 spoon), clear water (1 bowl)


1. Materials prepared

2. Mix soya bean paste and sweet sauce in a bowl and mix well;

3. Dice dried tofu;

4. Put twice as much oil in the pot as usual. Turn off the heat when it's warm. Put in the onion and ginger to make the fragrance first;

5. Put in all the spices and turn on the fire;

6. Slowly rely on the fragrance of spices, take out all the materials not used, until the oil is left in the pot;

7. Stir fry the meat stuffing and continue to use a small fire;

8. Stir fry the meat and put in a spoonful of cooking wine;

9. Stew slightly, let the alcohol evaporate, put in the well mixed sauce;

10. Stir evenly, add dried tofu;

11. After mixing, put in a bowl of clear water, simmer on a low heat, and stir continuously to avoid the paste pot;

12. About 30 minutes, the water has been basically dry, the sauce has become oily red light, put in sugar;

13. Continue to stir fry until the sugar melts and the sauce thickens. Turn off the fire, put it into a fresh-keeping box, cool it thoroughly, and then refrigerate it.

123 on the previous page and 123 on the next page, Dougan's method is very common. It's really a meal. Don't hesitate to eat Dougan.

5. Stir fried pork with dried bean

Main ingredients: streaky pork with skin (200g), dried bean (150g)

Seasoning: black bean (10g), green onion (10g), ginger (10g), soy sauce (10ml), peanut oil (15ml)


1. Slice the dried bean.

2. Add some water to the pot and put in pork.

3. Add scallion and ginger and bring to a boil.

4. Turn the lid to low heat and cook for 10 minutes. Remove and let cool.

5. Slice the cooked pork.

6. Chop the black bean.

7. Heat the oil in the wok and stir fry the black bean.

8. Stir fry onion and ginger.

9. Stir fry the meat.

10. Add dried beans and stir fry for 30 seconds.

11. Add soy sauce.

12. Stir fry in high heat and dish well.

6. Stir fried dried beans with chives

Main ingredient: leek (100g)

Seasonings: dried white beans (250g), scallion and ginger (appropriate), salt (appropriate), chili (3), oyster sauce (10g), soy sauce (20ml), sugar (1g), chicken essence (a little), sesame oil (appropriate)


1. Cut white beans into strips and fry them in a pan until they are yellowish.

2. Wash and cut leek.

3. Chop the onion, ginger and garlic, and cut the red pepper into circles.

4. Stir fry the oil and stir fry the chives, ginger and pepper.

5. Stir fry the dried beans.

6. Add soy sauce.

7. Add oyster sauce.

8. Add sugar.

9. Add proper amount of water to make dried beans taste good.

10. Pour in leek and stir well.

11. Stir fry leeks.

12. Add a little salt, chicken essence, and pour in sesame oil.

13. Stir fry evenly and turn off the heat.

7. Stewed bean curd with tea

Main ingredient: dried white tofu (proper amount)

Seasoning: bittern (right amount), crystal sugar (right amount), raw soy sauce (right amount), salt (right amount), soybean oil (right amount), buckwheat tea (right amount)


1. Dried tofu

2. Boil in hot water for a minute or two and drain out

3. Spread flat and dry completely

4. Take two chopsticks to clamp the dried tofu, place it in parallel, cut it to 2 / 3 with a horizontal knife, and cut the whole piece at the same distance

5. Turn over, lay horizontally, bevel to 1 / 2, and cut the whole block at the same distance

6. Cut all dried tofu according to the method once, and then put it on with a bamboo stick or directly dry the water

7. Heat the pan, put the oil in, heat the oil, then fry the tofu to make golden yellow, and the skin is crisp

8. Fried dried beans are the key to good color

9. Put the bittern, sugar, soy sauce, salt, buckwheat tea bag, and boil it in a large amount of clear water

10. Then put the fried dried tofu to boil, skim off the froth, turn the heat to cook until it tastes good, and then close the fire cover to soak for several hours