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Does the security door installed by the developer need to be replaced? Does the house need to be dec

When buying a new house, the developer must install the doors and windows in good condition. Some developers install the anti-theft windows and doors. Do we need to replace the windows and doors? Is the developer's security door safe? The following suggestions may help you.

Do developers need to replace the security door

1. If the developers installed is not anti-theft door but ordinary door, it is better to replace.

2. If the developers reserve the anti-theft door, we will check the steel seal mark on the side of the door to know what level the anti-theft door is. Among them, class A has the best anti-theft effect, with the opening time of 30 minutes (class B is 15 minutes, class C is 10 minutes, and class D is 6 minutes). Usually, Grade A and B are used at home. Considering the decoration budget, the installation of a, B level can not be changed!

Of course, this is not over. The anti-theft door is divided into a main body and a door lock core. The fact that the main body does not need to be replaced does not mean that the door lock cylinder does not need to be replaced. There are also classes of lock cylinder, class A, class B, super class B (also called class C). It is better to install class C lock cylinder for home installation. But we need to remind you at this time, even if the developers install the C-class lock cylinder. After we check in, it's better to change the lock cylinder in time. Because many new houses are decorated in one factory. In order to prevent some keys from opening several doors, it is recommended to replace the lock cylinder. In addition, to replace the lock cylinder, you must find a professional lock company. Don't load a cheap product to save money.

Do developers need to replace anti-theft windows

1. If the developers reserve plastic steel windows, in order to use them for a long time, it's better to replace them!

2. If the developer reserves the aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is necessary to check the profile thickness of the aluminum alloy windows and other performance problems, and judge whether it needs to be replaced. In addition, the aesthetics of anti-theft windows is also one of the audit standards. If the quality of the windows is OK and the aesthetics is acceptable, then there is no need to replace them. Of course, now some families are relatively high-end, installed the broken bridge aluminum, which is also feasible.

Summary: the anti-theft door does not need to be replaced, and the lock cylinder needs to be replaced. Windows, according to the conditions at home that whether to replace!